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  1. Of course mate...get them up...im drooling over this case haha. Excelent work. Ill be waiting for that link! Thanx a LOT! And expect credit on a future worklog...4sho!
  2. Radodrill, would you mind sharing/uploading your model to rapidshare? Im really interested in making a custom case, and i LOVE what you did with that one. Anyway...im all ears. Thanx a lot mate. Victor.
  3. im getting QuadGt also...might join ocdb.
  4. You need a signature. Welcome to the forums. I didnt use the DFI's bios, but you shuld disable a couple of options like spread spectrum, c1e or something like that....intel speedstep, virtualization technology...etc etc. Those settings are like fsb walls. ^^
  5. I have the oportunity to change my p5wdh for a intel Bad axe 2 motherboard. Is this change worth it? My config is in my sig (but im changing my ram to team xtreem ddr1100 D9. Thanx a lot guys! i really apreciate your help.
  6. MSI is different than the rest...but i think i'll avoid MSI for...lets say...as long as i live.
  7. There was this ati aftermarket cooler that had a backplate...it cooled the ram chips and it had a little square that was positioned right behind the cpu....it had some kind of thermal pad(rubber like) so it dindnt short out anything...dont remember wich cooler was. Sorry for my english guys...xmas and alcohol
  8. it caught fire???????? WTF!? I think i read in TR site it was compatible with 79...
  9. If you have 2 internet connections...lets say, 2 ethernet internet conections, then you could use load balancing and use both at the same time...but honestly...it sucks. You're better of with some kick as ISP. What you can do is use one for the internet connection, and the other to connect with another comp in your house, with a crossover cable, so its 1000mbs. A lot faster than 100mbs. Sorry for my bad english.
  10. Sorry for being plain honest...but...you should get that side panel laser-cut. The quad fan hole is not straight at all...or at least, it doesnt seem to be from that angle. Anyway...great case and WC setup.
  11. Check this out guys: www.Excitemod.com Im sooooooo fed up with valve and their i-change-release-dates-when-i-want-to way of doing things.
  12. Microsoft Wheelmouse 1.1a over here...its by far the best mouse i've ever owned...its ridiculously durable...(next month it his 6th birthday )
  13. If you happen to smoke that chip while installing it (we know how to install chips for christ sake) then, you'll be screwed. I bet that chip is already death....and hes saying that so if you happen to buy it, then youll be the one responsable for "killing it".
  14. im interested too, i wanna be able to use the video in features for a lot of things...for example, use my camcorder as a webcam(dont know why, but WLM doesnt let me use video in as webcam) If you pull this off, drop me a PM.
  15. Well...another one of those kick butt contest and thats just what i need to learn 3dstudio Maybe that is what makes this forum different from the others...you guys actualy keep us interested in stuff, we have a hell of a time over here and HEY!...theres always that chance of winning stuff? How about that. Now, im really starting 3dstudio next week, for a little project on my own...hit you up if i get some nice 3d microwave with cold cathodes in it (?????). Sorry for my horrible english guys. Victor.
  16. Lucky soab (KIDDING, avoid ban) I think the thread creator means he wanted to change the theme(maybe back to the old one?)
  17. I think he was looking for something like a guide, or a step by step kinda help. I dont know if it would work, but there was a thread with this guy trying to do the same thing with the evercool vcre. Search function ahoy!
  18. Desoldering those SMD leds its going to be a classy lady, BUT if you have patience and skills...then you might be able to pull it off.
  19. Welcome to the forums mati...Now...all you need is to oc that processor...get the voltage and mhz up mate!
  20. It might lead to something good...but we are talking right now. Lets be honest guys...it SUCKS (power consumition, cost...etc etc.) you have to throw a lot of money to NOT BEAT qx6700? WTF!? Ill stay with intel...at least for now. I know amd will bring some serious punch soon enough, but this...its just way too expensive...and its performance its not as good as i thought it would be. Maybe when octu-cores setups appears, it will kick some serious butt....but for now...it doesnt. Sorry for my horrible english.
  21. Congrats Disturbed6dws...i gotta be honest...if i had to choose one, besides mine ...it would be yours. Enjoy!
  22. This review tells me that...if i wanted to build an AMD system...and "try" to beat any intel qx system...it will take a HUGE PSU...loads of cash thrown at mobo and 2 processors....plus 4 sticks of ram...and still get those crappy scores? get outta here. Oh!...and dont forget the power consumition...(cool and quiet is not for overclockers like us...and 100mhz of overclock is so lame).
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