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:) Any Bios Suggestions for the setup I am running

Present bios that came with new board runs great.

But I was told I needed to run 6-23-05 on my

3200+ venice over clock board I was running.

I plan on pushing this new Puppy up to 2.5 GHz

and 500 mhz on the ram at suggested factory voltage and Timmings

For DDR500 mhz.

Was told 6-23-05 was better for dual core processors

and was concerned about Win XP x64 OS and Bio's.

I have 6-23-05 bios on floppy already to go.

Would like some opinions before I do the Deed.

Any help is always Appreciated!!

Thanks! :)

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I had a bunch of problems when running my default BIOS, which was 3-10. Firstly, when i downloaded one of the automatic updates for windows XP, and then restarted it said that one of the root files was missing or corrupt. So, i had to reinstall windows from the beginning and loosing all the info on my computer(didn't take the time to make a restore disk). Then it wouldn't load WoW, and with four disks, four different times to load is too many for me. So I flashed my BIOS to 6-23 and haven't had any problems yet, but this was only about a week ago, so i will let you know if anything goes wrong. So if i were you i would go ahead and do it.

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