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  1. Try booting with only one Ramstick. After succesfull booting add the other Stick,oh btw use only orange Slots.
  2. Module connection problem? Try to reseat the module
  3. I wonder how high must the Cputemp be to kick throttling in.
  4. I don't think Brazil is playing as little as possible,there isn't more they can give
  5. I used the Big Typhoon too.I think it destroyed the airfliow. With watercooling I got lower temps without airflow. Now I am using a TT Sonic Tower.The temps are much better now.
  6. In German XP they are called PCI Standard-Host-CPU-Brücke
  7. Your sig is also unique and very easy to read 10/10 Jolt Cola with extra Caffeine kick also available in Germany,kicks better than other.
  8. Your temps are totally normal
  9. Done Sir. I misread the rules,sorry
  10. A college professor must know it better as we are know it.
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