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  1. Try booting with only one Ramstick. After succesfull booting add the other Stick,oh btw use only orange Slots.
  2. Torch

    Karajan Audio Module

    Module connection problem? Try to reseat the module
  3. I wonder how high must the Cputemp be to kick throttling in.
  4. Torch

    Worldcup 2006 (merged)

    I don't think Brazil is playing as little as possible,there isn't more they can give
  5. Torch

    BIZZARRO DFI-Street!!!

    Bizarro Momma has no sig
  6. I used the Big Typhoon too.I think it destroyed the airfliow. With watercooling I got lower temps without airflow. Now I am using a TT Sonic Tower.The temps are much better now.
  7. I get it to work but the performance is poor.
  8. In German XP they are called PCI Standard-Host-CPU-Brücke
  9. Torch

    Rate the person's sig/avatar above you.

    Your sig is also unique and very easy to read 10/10 Jolt Cola with extra Caffeine kick also available in Germany,kicks better than other.
  10. Torch

    Rate the person's sig/avatar above you.

    8/10 easy to read
  11. Torch


    Your temps are totally normal
  12. Torch

    French think differently?

    Yes Germans are predominant
  13. Torch

    This is sad...

    Done Sir. I misread the rules,sorry
  14. Torch

    This is sad...

    A college professor must know it better as we are know it.
  15. Torch

    ITE Smartguardian...

  16. Torch


    Man you're gettin' old and happy
  17. Torch

    fixed and installed..

    Nothing Special
  18. Torch

    Greetings from China!

    Human Rights - Tibet - Dalai Lama. That's are things i want to know.Not a single thing of chinese technical copies and exploitation (of the working classes)
  19. Wait a few days and all your Data will be corrupted. I got the same scenario here on my machine. Even Divx videos are corrupt. I put new Cables for HDD's in there and crossed my fingers.
  20. What's this? Real Thinking or Ignorance? http://streams.cei.org/
  21. Torch

    Gas Prices in USA?

    In Germany the prices went to rhe roof! 1 litre Super95(it's called Premium in USA I think) cost about € 1,39. 1 litre Diesel is about € 1,19. What must you pay Guys?
  22. Torch

    advice about cars

    Two BMW drivers meet,why don't they welcome each other? They already welcomed each other in the workshop
  23. No need to change your drivers
  24. Torch

    Do you speed?

    Why not,better to die fast