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NewBie OC issues


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I built a new computer and would like some help getting speed into it.


Sandra says the following:

SiSoftware Sandra



Model : 1x AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4400+

Speed : 2.21GHz

Model Number : 4400 (estimated)

Performance Rating : PR6630 (estimated)

Cores per Processor : 2 Unit(s)

Threads per Core : 1 Unit(s)

Type : Dual-Core

Internal Data Cache : 2x 64kB Synchronous, Write-Back, 2-way set, 64 byte line size

L2 On-board Cache : 2x 1MB ECC Synchronous, Write-Back, 16-way set, 64 byte line size



Bus(es) : ISA PCI PCIe USB FireWire/1394 i2c/SMBus

MP Support : 2 Processor(s)


System BIOS : Phoenix Technologies, LTD 6.00 PG

Mainboard : DFI Corp,LTD LP NF4 Series

Total Memory : 2GB DDR-SDRAM


Chipset 1

Model : Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Athlon 64 / Opteron HyperTransport Technology Configuration

Front Side Bus Speed : 2x 1005MHz (2010MHz data rate)

Total Memory : 2GB DDR-SDRAM

Memory Bus Speed : 2x 157MHz (314MHz data rate)


Video System

Monitor/Panel : Plug and Play-bildskärm

Adapter : NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GTX


I have not touched the bios yet, since it is to complex.


I would like help with memory settings, CPU speed and how to get some speed out of this harddrive.... Its hardly moving right now...


Best regards


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Complete your sig bro..

I think you shoul definitely read the overclocking guide in the forum because someone elses settings will not work for you most of the time.. you have to find the potential of your system yourself..

if you do not want to spend time finding the maxes and go right ahead, you could go to the overclocking database and check other users settings...

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Link to some stuff for testin' with. (You'll be doin' alot testin'.) Overclocking in general is a black-art. and alot of result's are the result of luck.(Plus hard work and lotsa' testin') You'll do a lot of reading. Lot of typin',Lotta' askin' questions,changin' settin's and testin'. Parts will die new parts will be diffrent so you gotta' start all over again. Once you learn yer' board the only constant is testing. You'll need "prime95" "Cpuz""S&M" is good ."OCCT" you'll want all the 3dmarks, Aquamark3" "Everest" home edition" Memtest86(That's in yer bios on nf4)You'll also need "a64 tweaker" ("Doom3" is a good overall system stability test too.)I'm sure others will chime in when ya' need em' with stuff I've missed. You'll need to read "Thunda" Overclockin' guide.. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=20823

And they are right about a sig if you need help we need more info. my psychic powers don't work on computers. come to think of they really don't work. And remembering from thread to thread what who has is impossible. So try to be as complete as possible. Powersupplies are very important too. Memoory models an PN# if possible are a good help too.We can't help w/ timing's and voltages. Unless we can ID the IC's on the sticks for sure.(I'd guess yer's is tccd though but maybe not) We will need to know what powersupply yer' using in case you start having trouble in 3d overclocking or just overclocking. Long storey shorter work on yer hardware list in yer' sig for more help.(That kinda' reminds me I gotta' fix mine too.)

Here's yer' overclockin' toolkit link:



If it's not there try guru3d.com

Overclockin' is aggravating at time's but the result are allway's worth the extra work. Good-Luck "Clay" PS Be very very very carefull with that vid controll. OC in small steps you shouldn't need vid controll til you are well past 2.4ghz. In "Thunda' guide Vid controlls are detailed in full.(I've seen two poeple mess that up past few days and cook processors(Big$$$One's too!) That's why I'm bein' such a pain! I'm Sorry.but I think it important .

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