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  1. Hey guys, Are there any 'soft' tubes? Right now I am using Thermaltake tubes and they are pretty stiff so cannot make any narrow bends. So the tubes take us lots of space and also limits the flexibility of parts placement. Cheers.
  2. Thanks Copie. The incredible dust inflow seems the only major concern about the HAF. Just want to know, the side panel, is the whole thing a mesh/grill? or only where the fan is? is it possible to fit an air conditioner filter there? did you place stocking in the intakes of the bottom also? Thanks.
  3. Hey guys.. I also have the same problem. Cannot decide between the two. I like the Sniper since dust is a big problem for me. But I need to setup a water loop. But only a 120mm rad and I only run the loop through the cpu. Would you think Sniper will be trouble setting the loop? Should I get the HAF? Is it possible to fix a dust filter myself and get the same filtering as in the Sniper? Dust is a big problem for me? Cheers.
  4. Cheers Zerts. Will keep an eye on t hat.
  5. Thanks Zerts. I think for my use, TN panels are just fine. I don't do any color related stuff (just watching movies and occasional gaming), and I always work right infront of my monitor.. I think getting a IPS/PVA panel would be a waste of money for me.. I read in a post that the manufacturers usually do not specify the type of the panel they are using.. and only way to find out is to look at one from sideways and so on...
  6. Thanks for the input guys. I game only occasionally and my coding only involves a single window. But yes I think I should hang out at a store and see if I am comfortable using a 24". Thanks Zerts. I think the panel type is a good measure. Although I don't know how much it effects my usage. Cheers.
  7. Thanks mate. 32" for a monitor? You don't find it uncomfortable when like browsing or something? or you dont browse fullscreen?
  8. Hey guys, I am planning on getting a new monitor and I was thinking about a 24". I don't have a particular brand in mind and I have been quite happy with the cheap Acer 20" I am using now. Anyway there is a huge price difference between 24" monitors starting from around $200 for LG/Dell/Acer models. Then there are also ones going through to about $1000. Originally, and that was about 6 months ago, I was planning on getting one for $400~$500. Now I am actually going to buy one, I was wondering, why should I dish out about $300 more. So I want to know, are there any 'healthy' monitors? I dont stay in front of computers only when I am not traveling. And I do get recurring headaches. So are there any 'eye-friendly' monitors? Are there any specifications, like contrast. that will give be a measure how good that monitor is on the eyes when spending long hours in front of it? (24" monitor users) On a completely different note: I have not worked on a 24", except for maybe a couple of minutes. So I want to know your experience in using it. Is a larger screen really good for normal use? When I originally planned on buying a 24", I was thinking about using it for gaming, now I find out that with only one year more to graduate, I hardly have any time for games. So this monitors purpose is not for gaming. I am not a avid coder, so I do not need to have multiple windows opened. Basically, watching movies and, most of the time web browsing. So you guys think it will be better with a 24" or it will be a complete waste getting a 24" for browsing? Cheers.
  9. Thanks for the info guys. Seems HP is the favorite... yeah I guess I shouldn't get carried away from the iMac's bling.. Mac OS serves me no purpose...
  10. Thanks guys. Yeah I liked the Dell too. No I am not allowed to build one myself. Because I need to return this back in about a year and also they have warranty issues and stuff. So yeah that out of the question. I didn't think about HP. Should do a search on that. Cheers.
  11. Hey guys, So the new financial year started and I am entitled to get a desktop for below $2000. I have to buy a branded one and not allowed to build one myself. So what do you guys think is the most reliable brand out there? The options available for me are: 1) iMac 2) Lenovo Think Center 3) Dell XPS My primary concern is the driver compatibility with Linux. I will be installing Ubuntu on this. Anyway I think most of the devices will work except for maybe iMac. But apart from this, my main purpose in this machine will be runing Matlab. So a quad core is preferable although a dual-core wont make a big difference. My problem is with durability. I have a Lenovo T60 laptop which I have been using for almost two years withoug any problem whatsoever. On the other hand my Dell XPS laptop died within a year. So I am a little concerned which way to go. Because Dell desktops are pretty much out there but Lenovo isn''t that much. So just leave your guys thoughts. Cheers.
  12. Thanks for the input guys. The Eee looks nice but I think it maybe a little difficult to handle. Do you guys know anything cheaper but like a tablet. Where I can swirl the screen and its touch sensitive? So I can real something easily...
  13. Hey guys.., It seems the UMPCs and MIDs are in full motion recently. I have a iPod Touch and it is great for keeping me busy while I commute on the train 2 hours a day. But lately with all the nifty gadgets coming out, the Touch feels a little inadequate. So I want you guys opinion. So I basically would like to have the option of being able to browse with a WiFi, read PDF (occasionally Word) files, watch couple of movie clips. I was thinking about buying an eReader but for $400+ (Sony e-Reader) I think it will be a waste of time. So what would you guys go for? Keeping in mind that I will have to operate this thing while traveling standing up. Few options are: Eee PC: http://eeepc.asus.com/global/products.html?n=0 Sony Vaio P: http://www.sonystyle.com/webapp/wcs/stores...552921644608896 Archos: http://www.archos.com/ If you guys have any alternative please let me know. Cheers.
  14. Hey guys. I was looking at this Violet the other day and it struck me as a nice gadget to have on my desk. But the problem is I the number of tasks I can perform are limited and need to choose from their server. I would like to know if anyone know any RFID kits with possibly an interface that would work with Linux. Basically I want to be able to run my own scripts in response to different RFID's. If anybody got any information please leave them here. Cheers.
  15. I'm not sure if this has been posted here before. New Service Aims To Replace Consoles With Cloud Gaming "Imagine playing bleeding-edge games, yet never again upgrading your hardware. That's the ambitious goal of OnLive's Internet delivered gaming service. Using cloud computing, OnLive's goal is to 'make all modern games playable on any system,' thanks in large part to OnLive's remote servers that do all the heavy lifting. With a fast enough Internet connection, gamers can effectively stream and play games using a PC, Mac, or a 'MicroConsole,' 'a dedicated gaming client provided by OnLive that includes a game controller.' Without ever having to worry about costly hardware upgrades or the cost of a next-gen console, gamers can expect to fork over about $50 yearly just for the service. If this thing takes off, this can spell trouble for gaming consoles down the road, especially if already-established services like Steam and Impulse join the fray." SlashDot If this does take off, and if they can support 1080-res this would be a huge blow for the future of gaming hardware as we know it. Ofcourse people would still buy vid cards for normal purposes, but the need for high end cards (mobos+gpu) would seize.
  16. Thanks man. doesn't really make lot of sense to add extra content to the PC version only i guess... I guess I'll go with a PS3 over a vid card at this moment.. still about a month ago.. but I dont see anything new coming that will tilt the scale...
  17. yeap..true... thanks... I suppose it's around the corner from what I see in media, but maybe suffer the same fate as PS3? I mean PS3 has helluva power thats yet to be harnessed from the coders.. but they complaint PS3 development is difficult... anyway thanks for the inputs guys... I'm biased towards the PS3 at the moment... I think MGS, Killzone and RE5 would justify going console over PC.. but I know its a very subjective thing... one thing I want to know is, do the PC version usually have more levels, etc, than the console version? I'm not concerned about the online multiplayer capabilities since we almost always play solo... Cheers.
  18. Thanks Krazyxazn. I guess it wouldn't be a loss to spend a little extra and getting the PS3 over the 360... but would ray-tracing make PS3 graphics sub-par when it comes out... I mean we wont see another PS(4?) for quite a some time...
  19. Thanks a lot mate.. I don't he will be collecting BD movies anytime soon with these prices... I have never watched a movie that is upscaled to BD.. thanks for that info man.. Yeah MGS, Killzone and RE5 are killer titles... but worried whether PS3 has only a handful of major titles... my bro and me are both not into RPG type games... but I guess except for a handful of exclusive games, the titles are balanced for PS3 and 360? Cheers.
  20. Thanks for all the input guys. Appreciate it. To be honest I didn't consider the 360.. mainly bcos here in Japan it is not adopted that well... also I gave preference to PS3 because it has a BD (not that I own any BD's) player plus it can be used as a media server... think there is a price cut coming for PS3 next month.. I'm betting on that too.. plus here in Japan they are giving away $120 for each (over 18) person as an economic stimulus... and I'm planning on putting that of mine and my wife's to the gift... if I buy the PS3, the money goes back to Sony (Japan) and I think it will be spent rightfully? If I do buy a vid card, probably a 260 since I own one too, he will need to upgrade his cpu+mobo.. I think a E6xxx(with P35 I think) will probably bottleneck the vid card... and if he couldnt upgrade the vid card will be in vain...
  21. Thanks stewy... Its a little out of my budget man... also like I said, he has a E6XXX series I think.. I dont think will become a bottleneck.. so he will need to upgrade that as well....
  22. Hey guys.. don't know where this topic will fit so I post it here. So basically I am planning on buying something for my brother on his b'day (end of April) and I am wondering what to get. He is quite an avid gamer but right now he is using a crappy XFX 7900.. I feel sorry for the dude... I am wondering whether I should get him a vid card or a PS3.. He is playing at 1680-res but if he has a better card he will play in the 40" LCD tv... so I am looking for something that will do 1920-res. I have a GTX260, so I wan thinking if I buy him another 260, maybe later(in a year?) I can give him my card so he can SLI... or get a 4870 because they are cheap and (slightly?) better than 260 at high resolutions. But it keeps nagging me that I should get a PS3.. because his build isn't that good and I don't know if the vid card alone can support the graphics... but if I get a PS3, I don't have to bother about any of it... and importantly it will hold on for number of years to come.. What keeps me swinging both ways is the fact that I think PS3 games will have some pieces missing from its PC version.. is it true? I've heard ppl often say that the PC versions are always better than the console version... What are you guys take on this..? Thank you.
  23. Think its normal. My core0 is always 2~3C hotter than core2 and core3 and idles in high 30C's. core1 is always ~7C lower than core0. And it is also the core to fail quickly...
  24. Thanks mate. I removed the link and kept the mem and shader clocks the same.. will try with a higher shader clock...
  25. Hey guys, Yesterday I was running ATI Tool and let the app find the 'Max Core' for me. So it started around 300 and went up to 800Mhz where I manually aborted the testing. So I wanted to check with Furmark whether my card can really do 800Mhz, so I closed ATI Tool and tried to set 800 in Precision, which it didnt. Everytime I click 'Apply', the clock chnages back to 675Mhz. I found that I was able to manually set upto 726Mhz. I was able to change it to 800Mhz with ATI Tool and it showed correctly in Precision. I started running Furmark at 800 but stopped it after about a minute thinking I'd probably damage the card and the warranty would be invalid since I used a clock which Precision didnt allow me to use. So just wanted to know if you guys also found an limit with Precision? and also any bad experiences you have about increasing the clock and damaging? Cheers.
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