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3.25 Beta-console.


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i've used Beta 3.25 for atleast a couple months now. the difference i saw was that when i used the flag -forceasm on the 3.25 client, it would almost always use SSE optimizations, even after the first wu. With 3.24, -forceasm only made the current wu use SSE optimizations, the following wu usually went straight back to 3DNow optimizations. i had the same experiences as described in the changelog


"3.25 beta (unmarked)


- If -forceasm is used, then on every execution of the core until the

client is restarted, SSE optimizations will be used if possible (if

the chip is an AMD chip, then be default, without the flag, it would

not be chosen over 3DNow). Prior to this client, this effect would have

held true only for the first work unit run after starting the client."


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