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  1. Old query I know but HikVision (industry standard) make cameras with inbuilt storage, motion and dedicated zone detection, PoE or 12v powered, 2 way audio and viewable on a web browser...
  2. Store bought PC's will always be the most convenient for which you will pay a higher premium, DIY is more rewarding but there can be delays sourcing parts, building and "smoke testing" increasing linearly dependant on how much you have kept up with current trends in technology and system design.
  3. Oh and I see the double post gremlin is still lurking...
  4. That is okay... I am having difficulty recalling you as well LMAO
  5. That really depends on the conditions at which those components have been working in, for example high temperatures age capacitors prematurely, a bad fan can also permit excessive dust build up which in turn can cause components to run at higher temperatures as well... and so it goes on. How often was the unit/PC cleared of dust in that 8 years of service?
  6. I'm still very fond of War Craft 3 although I did play Star Craft 3 for a while... I had to donate my 9600GT to my Son's gaming PC build, it's happily running Borderlands etc. This whole "Steam" gaming approach is a little weird IMHO, I purchase a game but pretty much get an empty disk and need to download everything... ah progress!
  7. If all else fails... simply nuke the drive (format) and start again
  8. LMAO My mailbox is always open... What is your PSU currently doing? I must say I'm reasonably impressed with the Earthwatts 500w I picked up for a song last week (Fleece-bay), stable and slightly above spec voltages on initial testing, a little bland in the looks department and only outfitted with 1 80mm fan but otherwise a nice unit (I needed native PCI-e power support), I shall reserve judgement until I can test it under load (e7500/9600GT)
  9. Absolutely, start with the symptoms then work your way back to find a solution... Yeah I hear you, the maths and formula can certainly be off putting but perseverance will win the day, my electronics education ended halfway through high school but my tinkering never stopped, honestly I'll never be an electrical engineer but I'm happy to be a "jack of all trades".
  10. That's how I came across that website to begin with as I Googled the PSU symptoms, once the diagnosis was achieved I started collecting the necessary parts (a little hard here is Oz), and worked from there... A basic understanding of electronics and a Digital Multimeter go a long way, Google is a great resource as well.
  11. Without question, the fuhjyuu capacitors were poorly made and vented badly although the low speed/noise fan design of the PSU contributed somewhat to the increased temperatures triggering the domino effect (failure). I primarily use Rubycons, Panasonics, SamXon, Hitano and Sprague but the key is finding Low ESR rated units that will fit the space/dimensions. As for longevity... I mentioned previously one of the first units I repaired is still powering a s754/ti4200 system without issue 8 years on, the PSU was originally manufactured back in 2002 and purchased used (faulty) in 2004. Antec 380w repair thread
  12. Just recently watched Yojimbo (Japanese b/w 1961), this is the film that created all the controversy when they stole the plot to make the spaghetti western "a fist full of dollars"...
  13. Hollywood has a knack of reinventing the wheel, if they don't steal a story line/plot from overseas (ie. Japanese classic Seven Samurai becomes the Magnificent Seven) they'll rework a previous release like for example Total Recall, Spiderman, The Chainsaw Massacre etc. If they really run low on material there is always the storylines in comic books and video games OR old TV programmes, so yeah I'm not surprised we're going to see those sequels...
  14. T'was reactive not preventative, essentially the voltages were unstable and below specification thus the PSU was unable to run it's intended system.
  15. I've messed with electronics since I was young but I wouldn't claim to be anything more than average with the soldering iron, as for guides there may be some around but I worked mostly off tips I read and a common sense approach. Badcaps.net is an excellent resource point if you're interested, whilst cost is relative to your ability to locate a supply of suitable replacements, IIRC I completed the last retrofit for less than $20 AUD. One of the first Antec's I repaired has been running 8 years since without issue.
  16. Nah that's the bad caps.net way of resisting obsolescence, I agree they will never make them like they used to... it's called progress
  17. Well done Andrew sure looks restrictive inside, messed around with a QBiC from Soltek back in the day but have settled on the mATX format myself for the moment, SFF PC's look like an interesting challenge...
  18. I voted maybe... but then I'm a "function over form" kinda guy, so if the case has the features I'm looking for I can either overlook the colour OR repaint/dye it suitably
  19. Make a good hardware firewall, DIY router OR basic web streaming server but I'm not sure for what (other than basic email services) such a system would be good for... I'm sure you'll find something though eh? Did I mention I was a hoarder? I found an almost complete s754 system the other day I'd completely forgotten about Edit: Well the gaming issue that originally spawned this thread has been somewhat resolved (without an upgrade) essentially rolling back the OS to XP Pro and some "digital witchery" to prevent the HOTS patches installing did the trick, the x2 5000+ is definitely the bottleneck in this system. Thanks for all your input
  20. e8400 MSI G41TM-P31 Heatpipe tower (generic) with delta fan MSI 9600GT 512Mb 2 x 2Gb Geil DDR1066 Dual 80 & 120 Sata drives Sata Asus DVD RW optical 500w Antec Earthwatts PSU Acer Aspire Midi tower Australia
  21. Thanks Bush' Retro is cost effective recycling ya' know Damned decently fine offer Andrew appreciate the gesture really do, I've relocated the what you might recall the "edge of the outback" surrounded by coarse vegetation and expanses of desert (with pockets of population) and thus all my spares are sourced from Fleece-bay/the web I pieced together a Frankenstein of a e6400/9600gt/Acer system for our eldest teenage son who's gaming requirements were unsatisfied with his existing socket A/754 systems, currently bang-for-buck the Core2Duos appear to be where it's at and playing SC2 with ease on higher settings (even with the 6600gt) Not fond of trashing a perfectly good system I now (sadly) have quite a collection of s370, s462, s754, s775 as well.
  22. Thanks guys, yes Clay' it is I.... I had an incling the HOTS expansion may have increased the game's resource hunger, this PC is is primarily intended for the kids to game on, not much AMD gear around here these days I guess you could say I've gone to the "dark side" and upgraded an Intel system or two out of spare parts (all very trailing edge gear). Picked up the HOTS expansion last week and had a devil of time resurrecting my old Blizzard account but got there in the end (thanks to really helpful Game Masters). It would appear my last few options are... 1) Scraping the system in favour of a (used) more powerful Intel platform. 2) Upgrade to the spare 9600gt (I had put aside for my personal PC build) 3) Roll back the OS to XP Pro Sp3 4) OC the go fast bits (bios options appear limited) 5) Any of the above in combination. Thanks for that link EL Capitan
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