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    -I like hanging out w/friends.<br>-Being outside<br>biking, rollerblading, playing soccer, hockey.<br>enjoy running track { somedays more than others ;) }<br><br>**Looked at the pros and cons of the NF7-S rev2.0 board decided that it is exactly what i need. The 1700+ TBred-B Core DLT3C JIUHB 1.5V Core (the extremely overclockable processor) arrived.<br><br>the gaming rig is using the 2400+ and NF7-S 2.0. the server/folding rig is using the 1700+ T-bred B processor and A7N8x Del rev1.04. right now my max oc for my 1700+ is limited by my mobo chipset (can't go higher than 195Mhz fsb no matter what ram or timings). and since the highest multiplier i can select on my a7n8x is 12.5x i will have to either modify my processor or do a VDD mod in order to get above 2.43Ghz. right now i plan to stay at 2.4Ghz w/vcore down to avg of 1.75v. i'm keeping this as a quite rig so i'm not planning on increasing the vcore anymore since i decided to leave my SFII at a low rpm.<br><br>-bought parts to mod my a7n8x so i can achieve a higher stable overclock. began modding my a7n8x del:<br>Completed A7N8X Mods:<br> ---- Vcore Mod (Sucessfully Completed!).<br> --50K Ohm Variable Resistor (note:only needed to be a max of 25k ohm but none of those potentiometers were the size or style i wanted so went with the 50k ohm.<br> --SMD (surface mount device) grabber<br> --Custom modded pci slot<br>Completed NF7-S Mods:<br> -- Heatsink to cool the southbridge (installed)<br> -- bga sinks to cool the mosfets (metal-oxide semiconductor field effect transistor) (installed)<br><br>Future A7N8X Mods: <br> ---- VDimm Mod (will mod after i do a VDD Mod)<br> --15k VR (bought)<br><br> ---- VDD (chipset) Mod<br> --1M Ohm fixed resistor (bought)<br> --1M Ohm variable resistor (bought)
  1. well, no matter what you guys decide for the end date, it'll probably be best to have our OCC entries due atleast a day or more before the actual auction closes (so a bunch of people don't wait till the last minute and see where its at before submitting). The further away our submission deadline is from the auction's deadline, the more spread out our guesses will most likely be (which might be a good thing).
  2. and heres a review of the Mushkin Redline XP4000 2GB Kit http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/Mushkin/XP4000-2GB
  3. Ha, same with me! Nice hearing from ya andrusk and thanks for updating us. And just because you say this is "My Last Post", doesn't mean it has to be set in stone (i'm giving you the option to post again before January, instead of just after you leave ). But if you decide not to take me up on my offer, have a good one and see ya in 2 years (more or less). p.s: i'll tell you all about the M2 socket and virtualization when you get back. i wonder how much google will change in 2 years. i mean, if you haven't already heard, someone posted about Google H4x0r.
  4. yeah!! my respect for you has increased.
  5. "AMD FX-60s found In the wild" http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=27644 "AMD has been sending out the FX-60 chips, dual cores that clock at 2.6GHz" i'm not sure if the Inq mistakenly wrote that or not. i thought the AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ was expected to run at 2.6Ghz (and have 2 cores ofcourse, hence the X2), and the FX-60 was expected to be a single core running at 3.0Ghz. so i guess it turns out that the FX-57 was the last of the single core FX processors and the rest of the FX line will be dual core processors.
  6. this topic was from almost 2 years ago. might want to check the dates before replying if you don't want people to start jumping on you. also this is mentioned in the rules the rules
  7. could also be the types of WU's you're being assigned. some WUs are faster to crunch through than others and some WUs that are worth the same amount of points as another take longer to complete (even if both have 99% cpu usage for practically the whole time). so really, it depends on: 1.) WUs you're assigned 2.) what coding optimizations are used (if any) 3.) what % of CPU is available for FAH during the duration of processing (even though 100% is set, thats just the most it will use if its available) if a bunch of people's stats are showing the same general trend as yours, then your decrease/increase is most likely due to the types of WUs that are being assigned. (i know you were saying yours was decreasing, but i wanted to generalize so that it would also take upward trends into account). edit: p.s: there doesn't appear to be a downwards trend atm for any of the teams i've checked so far, so that doesn't appear to be the source of your anxiety. i'd say as long as your client doesn't error out and have to start all over again (and you don't receive horrible PPD/WUs) you're PPD should be back up around this time next week (a week from the day you turn in your next WU). i can't say it will be back in the 300 PPD range, but it should definately be above 57 PPD.
  8. the log shows that you've completed 2 WUs in the past 3 days, and thats what EOC reflects in your stats page. the thing that really hurt your PPD, was the fact that you had gotten through 82% of a 600 point WU and ended up having to delete the WU because of improper termination. sometimes when a protein has to be terminated early (possibly because its reached a state it can not continue from), it sends in the results and you receive a fraction of the WU's points (depending on percent completed). but because of the type of error that occured with your client, it never tried sending in the incomplete results for partial credit. it just requested a new WU and deleted the previous one. EOC is accurately reflecting the work your client has turned in, as far as stats are concerned (your log shows you've turned in 2 WU's in the past 3 days, and thats what EOC shows as well). errors, like the above, have happened to quite a few (including myself), so its not just you. be happy you haven't noticed something like this happen before (or better yet, hope that this was the first time). good luck with your future WU's though.
  9. Thought someone else would help ya out by now, but they might have all thought the same thing as me. you know how it goes so what happens when you start up exactly? Does it go from WinXP status screen -> a black screen -> your desktop? or something else? The welcome screen is just something for you to look at (to occupy your time) while your OS begins to load its startup processes. You are usually taken to the desktop before most things are loaded though. the welcome screen isn't essential and i don't think it will make things load any faster, so unless you just want it for aesthetical reasons, i wouldn't worry too much about it. EDIT: Oh, i just noticed there was more to your question in the networking forum. i'll paste it here to make it easier to reference. Is this computer at your home or at your office? if its at home, your probably not on a domain based network. if you right-click on "My Computer" -> Properties -> Computer Name in the "Computer Name" tab you should see a few sections: Computer description: Full computer name: if the next section is Workgroup, you are part of a workgroup if it says Domain, though, you are part of a domain network.
  10. have you tried the previous suggestions? and has your problem been fixed yet? if not: so your laptop and your mom's computer can't look inside your office comp. (so just to clarify, does this mean your laptop and your mom's comp can see the office comp on the network, but just can't access it.... or can you not even see the office comp on your network?) also, are all these XP computers or are any of them 2000, NT, or ME? and were you able to connect directly to the office computer via typing its ip address in the command prompt? (going to Start -> Run. and usually typing \\192.168.x.x {where the x's are the last 2 sets of numbers for the ip of the comp you want to connect to}) if you still can't connect to your office computer (and i'm assuming your office computer can connect to the internet, so it should have the TCP/IP protocol installed), check to see what protocols are installed in your mom's comp and your laptop. if there is a protocol that is installed on both your mom's comp and your laptop, but not your office comp, then you might want to try installing that protocol as well and see if that solves it. if you could let us know if your problem has already solved, that would be great.
  11. do you get the same error if you boot w/o the hard drive installed? (for ide drives, you can just unplug the molex connector, but i'm not as sure when its a SATA drive. isn't there a little current going threw the SATA cable, which allows it to know that a device is attached, even though it doesn't have the power to operate?) and yes, its safer to set the master and slave manually (good call ). i guess you just have to remember that the SATA drive will take be primary and the drive attached to ide1 will have to be secondary (cause last time i checked, installing a SATA drive w/an IDE drive thats set to primary caused conflicts. this might not be the case anymore though. i haven't looked into this for awhile now.) and by 'formatted', do you mean you've you already reformatted and tried again? also good to note: since nothing has been installed on your SATA drive yet, it won't have any operating system files. since your hard drive isn't bootable yet, you're likely to keep getting that error when your motherboard tries to boot from it.
  12. is your DVD ROM's jumper set to auto-select? also, if you need to reformat your hard drive, and your hard drive came with a floppy disk that has formating/partitioning ultilities, you can use that. If you didn't receive a floppy w/your drive, you could always go to the manufacturer's website and download the ultility and use it to create a bootable floppy (which will have the utilties you need to reformat). but before looking to format, i think you might want to find out whats up with your DVD ROM, cause thats the device that seems to be functioning incorrectly. if you happen to have any other spare working ones, you might want to give them a try. it'll be hard to install the OS without a functional DVD or CD drive (although i think i remember hearing that an OS can be installed over a network. i've never tried that though). if you have another drive, let us know what happens when you use it, and we could go from there (or you can do the format first, if its more convenient for you). choose whichever method first. just keep us updated on what happens. P.S: i have a meeting at 9pm and another at 12:15am (yeah, i know. thats kind of late). I guess it was the only time that everyone could meet. so yeah, if i stop replying, its because i'm gone
  13. found a place where someone else was having the same issues. http://forum.msi.com.tw/index.php?topic=65...58296#msg458296 the beginning of the post isn't relavent to you, but the 4th and 5th post are (the 5th has the answer). the part thats relavent to you has orange text. Thanks Richard but I've tried that. I've even tried setting all 3 boot devices to the cdrom! Hope this works for ya.
  14. so i know you've tried setting CDROM as the 1st Boot Device. I'm curious what the Hard Disk Boot Priority option in your BIOS is for. It looks like its a separate option from the 1st Boot, 2nd, 3rd Boot options (atleast from the picture that MSI gives in their manual for the K8N Neo2 F). This is the board you are using, right? Or is it a different one than the one listed in your sig?
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