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x1900 AIW


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What would you give in cash in a trade between Sapphire X800 Gto^2 (with zalman vf-700cu) and x1900 AIW (all in wonder).


X800GTO^2: bought 4 months ago (oem); zalman vf-700cu-led; bios flashed; 4 pipes unlocked; 495/540 with a 6100 3dmark05...


X1900 AIW: used for 2 weeks (complete retail package); 500 core/500 ram (fyi even vanilla x1900 is 625/725); out of the box 3dmark05:around 8k; here retail is $425 and here retail is $455 for brand new one.


Please help me to decide how much should I pay as a potential buyer of X1900 AIW card.


Or, should I go with 7800gt for around $275...

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