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  1. Sure, no problem. Please send your offer via pm (including your zipcode).
  2. Alright, I am selling some stuff for my brother. Simply put, everything is working great. Let me know. Thanks... ebay: portlandfatihi (94-0-0) heat: ooztuncer (49-0-0) head-fi: ooztuncer (26-0-0)
  3. now parting out. You can see individual prices in my original post; and here are new combo prices (including shipping + paypal): 1) 20d + bg-e2 = $550 2) option 1 + tammy = $720 3) option 1 + sigma = $740 4) option 1 + sigma + tammy = $900 5) everything = $915
  4. AJ, I am looking for a 40D + 85mm f1.8 as a trade option (i know it is a long shot!)
  5. *** Nothing left here *** Hello, I would like to upgrade my camera & lenses and I am in need of funds. I am selling below parts as a package deal >>> now parting out. Lumiquest Softbox II diffuser: good condition. >>> $25 shipped >>> WITHDRAWN Canon 20D: Comes in its retail package with everything. Around 7k actuations and overall it is in very good condition. >>> $450 shipped >>> SOLD BG-E2 grip: No box, but it is complete with battery magazine. Overall, it is in very good condition. >>> $120 shipped >>> SOLD Sigma 24mm f/1.8: Comes in its retail package with lens caps, hood, and pouch. Overall, it is in very good gondition. >>> $200 shipped >>> SOLD Tamron 20-40mm f/2.7-3.5: Comes with two lens caps. Overall, it is in very good condition. >>> $180 shipped > SOLD Let me know. Thanks, Onur PS: sorry about the crappy pictures >>> http://www.onuroztuncer.com/gallery/v/onur...o/july08/canon/ FEEDBACK: ebay: portlandfatihi > 92-0-0 heatware: ooztuncer > 48-0-0 head-fi: ooztuncer > 26-0-0 audiogon: ooztuncer > 12-0-0
  6. Hey there! thank you for the response - it is definitely a scary wait for now (for the baby i mean). On a side note, I am still a virgin in OCC.Therefore, I don't know where to post.
  7. Quick question dear old friends, We are expecting our first baby within 10-15 days and I am thinking* to get a budget SD camcorder for simple point and shoot purposes. We have a Canon 20D for photography and my mother-in-law brought a compact Sony digital camera for less serious photo shooting sessions (also for 640x320 video). It seems like the best bet is Sony DCR-HC90 or 96. Panasonic had some good cameras with a lot of manual options (like GS250, 320, or 400) but from what I read Sony is best for shooting in low light conditions and in AUTO mode. Furthermore, HC90/96 is on par with Pannys when it comes to PQ. Do you have any other recommendations? Spending $220 on HC90 or $280 on HC96 is a wise decision compared to getting a Canon HV20 or HV30 for 3 times the money? MiniDV is completely OK with me - I'm definitely against DVD or hd camcorders.... Lemme know! PS: also, I bought a brand new Kodak Z1012 IS digital camera 15 days ago from Kodak for its 720p video capability; but it is going back due to very, very poor performance... Therefore, I am not buying a digital camera for their video capability. PS2: one other concern is the fkin PAL vs NTSC issue. We are going back home within several years and I need to sell whatever I buy today. Video editing from 24p to 25p (for hd camcorders) are too cumbersome for me.
  8. SR7002, DV9600, and RC9500 is sold now. BUMP for the DH9300...
  9. early spring cleaning sale (or what's left of it) bump. *** I'll take pics tonight - 02/14/2008 ***
  10. ooztuncer


    fyi: I posted the same questions in slingbox community and here are the responses > http://www.slingcommunity.com/forum/thread...0161042CF#68144
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