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For Sale- Corsair TwinX pc4000 2-512mb


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The only reason im selling this is because incomparable with my current setup.

Plan on getting corsair pc6400 twinx 2gig

Still work on Abit as8 board, but change to dfi board w/new pcix graphic card.

Been in the as8 board for like 9 month at most.

Selling evga to get new 7900gtx version.


Only ship in 48 states.


Corsair pc4000 twinx 1gb 2-512mb - $120 shipped



evga 6800gs 256mb - $170 shipped used almost 2 months


I accept Money Orders, Cashier's Check, and Paypal.


ship product thru either ups r us postal.

ship product once get $.

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