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2 All In Wonder Cards


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I saw a feature for setting up 2 tv tuners in the ATI tv software. I would like to do this since I seem to loose video signal quality coming in thru the VCR then to the AIW when I'm working with digital cable. It would also allow me to watch 2 different cable stations on the two monitors (I have the 9800 pro aiw hooked to the 42" viewsonic in the livingroom, and a seperate dvi monitor hooked to an lcd in the kitchen via a pci quadro card (it was the cheapest pci vid card with dvi at the time... but it's basically an mx420 :( )


The goal is to have the aiw 9800 pro going to the living room, and say a aiw ve / 7500 pci hooked to the kitchen. am I trying to do too much?

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