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New Mobo and loving it.

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I've been through 3 boards in the past week. Started out with a free EVGA nf4-SLI board. it was very nice. I was able to hit 347fsb/htt with it, whic isn''t bad for a free board. Then I got an ASUS A8N-SLI, what a dissapointment. So I went back to the EVGA board. I ordered this DFI-SLI-DR Expert, put everything together, and all i can say is wow. More options than I know what to do with. I know its a bit on the expensive side, but I really liked the layout of the board, and all the reviews I read were all very positive.


I just switched over from the socket A. I had an Abit nf7-s v2 with an 2600+ xp-m, which I dearly miss... ebay...hehe.

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