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  1. Very nice, but this would be for those on a budget...:cool: lol
  2. I highly recommend the SILVERSTONE SST-FP32-B Aluminum USB/1394/Audio Panel if you are trying to get front port audio running on you X-Fi that has a Front Port HD Audio header, which is just about every one of them. I think just about every case out there has the AC97 FPA header, which is incompatible with the X-Fi. This unit has the HD Azalia header, along with the AC97 header. I'm using this unit with my X-Fi XtremeGamer, and it works perfectly. It detects when my headphones and mic are plugged in and shuts down the rear ports. A++ in my book. Check it out here: http://www.newegg.com/product/product.asp?...N82E16813999356 Comes in silver and black.
  3. I have the same hissing issue with my eVGA 680i 122-CK-NF63 TR. But it doesn't seem to affect my overclock at all. I'm currently running 7x500 (2000fsb) and i get some hissing, but only noticable during orthos. Other than that it's hardly noticeable.
  4. been a while, update and bump. Willing to trade Geil Ram for a PSP
  5. Bump, want to sell, make offers please.
  6. Yes, that's what that memtest was done on.
  7. price reduction, update, bump
  8. Make me an offer, and we can go from there
  9. Heatware name is in 1st post, I only have 1 feedback so far through that. Previously I've done all my transactions through ebay and have 100% feedback. Opteron is about a year old, with hardly any use. Temps where acceptable, like 55C under load, but I was using a low-end water cooling solution.
  10. Im at 3.7GHz and close to the same settings. My bios temp reads alot higher than it should too. Using CoreTemp, im at 30-32C idle, and 50-55C load. My bios always says 39C, which doesnt sound right. Voltages are the same minus the ram, mine runs at 2.1V DDR2 1066, and my mem timings are slightly different, i'm running 4,4,4,12,2T (Trc24)
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