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  1. make sure your ram is in dual channel. for some reason it worked fine on sp for me until i went online. then it didnt.
  2. lol i bet his power cables arent plugged into the fans or vid card maybe. check that then try a diff psu i guess
  3. dfi put it on there, and its prolly cheaper maybe
  4. if i am upgrading to win xp 64 bit, and i have 2 hdd. only one is in the pc. im adding the other one but should i just instll 64 bit on the second one, make it the master, and then make my first one the slave and delete system files from it? will that work? or any other ideas for changing operating systems?
  5. NICE DUDE you got james bond golden eye in the pic. awesome!!
  6. my friend has a clear case, black parts, xfx video card black corsair ram (not a dfi board) and it lis all black parts that all have custom blue led heatsinks and it blings blue. so clean.
  7. R3aper

    easy question

    sweet thanks guys, super respone time, like 2 min thanks alot
  8. R3aper

    easy question

    menionleah, youre my hero A+ Wu Tang
  9. R3aper

    easy question

    what is a synthetic benchmark lol
  10. what is prime95 and 3dmark05? plz explain their functions and where to get them.
  11. R3aper

    Changing Drive Letters

    you can go inot explore my computer and right click the drive and change the letter
  12. thanks i found on CD
  13. what is a good program for monitoring temps? i have xp sp2 and parts in this sig.
  14. R3aper

    Lock up in Games

    make sure your ram sticks are in dual channel mode, one in each orange slot
  15. R3aper

    RAM help

    i found it in genie settings and now the memtest says it's at 200 mghz and timings 2.5-3-3-6 is that about good now?