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Hm..Suggestions please

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Ok..so I got this PCI SATA Raid Controller Card. Hooked it up and it appears that it's working OK. Let me tell you how I hooked it up and see if you guys can tell if i did it wrong.


Power off, slid the card in, powered up. Installed the drivers. Powered off. Plugged in the 74G Raptor. Powered on. It rebooted fine.


Problem #1 The lower 3 pin fan connector (Chassis fan) on the mother board. It appears that it doen't work. Of course the fan works, so don't even ask. I tried that. LOL:nod: I thought it might be the Smart Gaurdian but it's not. How can I make this fan work again. Sometime when the Rig is booting up I see it wiggle a little but but it doesn't completely spin or work as it should. Thanx in advanced!

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