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  1. I think I have some EVGA GeForce GTX 760 Superclocks' laying around here somewhere
  2. If you're not familiar with OC'ng. I suggest NOT to mess around just yet. Play with it and get to know the HW you have. I personally don't think it's a good idea to "jump right in with 2 feet" a OC. ....slow down young gun. My advice is this; Know your parts. OCing isn't always better. Performance is what WE ALL NEED. after you get the performance, get the OC and let's push it!!! That's IMO of course....
  3. I will assume that you are on air. But you will need to give more details. Like; what exactly your OC'ng. Again, I'm assuming that you want to OC your CPU. Or your GPU. Basically give more details so most of us can help ya. In the meantime; Check out this guide
  4. I didn't know him personally, just through here in OCC. We exchanged PM's ocassionally (back in the day) and honestly just from how we wrote made me feel that he was a very nice, down to earth guy.
  5. I really Enjoyed talking with him. A very nice guy. I will see you soon We are all still thinking of you.
  6. Wishing a Happy Birthday Matrix311 danked Itteth Kuronin Scottike Publicnuisance stackrainer GuyWithTheFace AxxO layleykipper MMcAlexan GeorgeBS MHartford KFarnell luisxv2k TQODomeni Badray88
  7. Either way.....you can have my 285 and the 9800's cards. Just pay shipping and their YOURS! The 760 is yours as stated
  8. I have 1 EVGA GTX 760sc. Of course it's still under warranty and I will totally support it. If you're willing I will sell it to you for $150.00 plus shipping. My heatware is here ----> http://www.heatware.com/eval.php?id=74123&eval=650748&show=to I also have x2 9800 EVGA's and 1 EVGA GTX 285. PM me if you are interested
  9. I still have one 285, x2 9800GTX's and one 760 SC (The other one I gave away). All of which are EVGA's but the point is; I used to have those 285's in tri-sli back in the day. I had a 860 PC power and cooling PSU that powered them. But those cards run HOT!!!!!. So....if you're a general user then I would say, having one card is sufficiant. More than that is overkill for what you want to do. As stated; you will not get good results if you want to play any type of DX12 games. Those 285's are very out dated.
  10. Have you tried using the PrecisionX OC. ....Mine is currently running at 37c
  11. I am probably raising the dead but I thought I reply anyways. I participate in this event every year since 2007. It's quite fun
  12. Hey Jeff? why are so you so quiet? I mean if it's me then I promise to take a shower this week

  13. Erm...you have the wrong profile. Celtica's is down the hall. Thanks anyways!!

  14. Just stopping by to say Hello.

    As you were soldier....

  15. huggy sheldorisafk Daywalker kgwagner teegate
  16. Pic removed: Will the REAL "Crossfire n00b" step forward please
  17. Of course, I was just throwing some ideas out there for you Oh...you may want to think about getting some air filters for the intake fans while your poking around inside the case. Those doo-hicky's help immensely.
  18. Ahhhhh.....isn't life grand. Well, you've found out what happened and atleast you're smart enough to fix it. Well done!!
  19. I'm not going to speak for him but I will follow what he said. So with that said; Buying a new case is not a "little upgrade" imo. I mean if he's going to do that then do it all, right? Also, putting proprietary parts in a case may not work. AND a computer that was introduced at around 2005. Being that I love to hack the crap out of cases, or some call "Modding", I would cut holes and take names. You have some options here; as mentioned you can get the PCI slot cooler or get a fan at bestbuy or a nearby computer store and install it in a area of importance. If you want to have a intake fan that blows onto the G-Card then take a dremel and cut a hole on the side panel. You can also add a small fan onto the N.Bridge heatsink. Or you can add a couple exhaust fans on the back? Man...let me at it. I'll hook you up dude. Here's some photos I saw during my search about your computer on what I'm talking about This one was posted over at Tom's Hardware LINK Here's another one where somebody added a small fan to the N. Bridge. LINK So as you can see you have options for what you're trying to do.
  20. HUH!? Now that's what I call a useless post. ANYWAYS...! I like wevesspot thought about the MBR. I get those too sometimes due to a sudden shutdown, If I get that, I will cut all power and let it sit for awhile. SOMETIMES it works. However; as wevesspot said; I've also repaired some like that and I would say it's a 50-50 thing between the HD and windows. Maybe not but...
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