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Can't get stable OC


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can't seem to get any overclock to work.

I really have little Idea on what I'm doing to be honest.

I have read various how-tos and tried to apply it, but it never seems to work.


With that in mind, my goal is:


to get the ram at ddr500 (like it is spec. to)

and maybe get the cpu to like 2.3-2.5


Setting my DDR by itself to 250mhz just cause the PC to lock up before windows after post and HDD is detected.


Not sure on voltages and the whatnot.

Could someone possibly give me a few numbers I could try to get me started.

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Read this guide. Everything you need to know is pretty much there.




Finding out what the CPU can do is easy. Just follow the guide to a T. Once you find your CPU max you can check out the 939 Overclock database for some timings for your RAM here:





Good luck.

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