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  1. can't seem to get any overclock to work. I really have little Idea on what I'm doing to be honest. I have read various how-tos and tried to apply it, but it never seems to work. With that in mind, my goal is: to get the ram at ddr500 (like it is spec. to) and maybe get the cpu to like 2.3-2.5 Setting my DDR by itself to 250mhz just cause the PC to lock up before windows after post and HDD is detected. Not sure on voltages and the whatnot. Could someone possibly give me a few numbers I could try to get me started.
  2. The 12/23/05 bios seems to have resolved the issue Drive running in ultra dma 2 After the bios update windows would not boot so I cleared cmos with the jumper Reconfig the bios a bit, rebooted and it was working. So now I am happy with the motherboard Boots faster too And all the extra unknown raid contolers in device manager are gone as well.
  3. is there any updates for general udma or just dma? I can only get PIO on my IDE channels Tried 2 LG drives DVD drives and a WD harddrive
  4. I have reformated serveral times trying fos a issue wioth the IDE channels not running in DMA mode. That issue is still there but Ihave much more serious issue at hand now. In device manager under Display adapters I get this error: Your computer's system firmware does not include enough information to properly configure and use this device. To use this device, contact your computer manufacturer to obtain a firmware or BIOS update. (Code 35) Now I tried the orginal default bios as well as the very latest one. (2005/12/12) I have no idea what to do i have re-installed the AIT drivers and even downloaded the unistaller from ati's website and started fresh EDIT I got it to work. Clearing the Cmos did the trick Should of tried that first Now if only these bloody IDE channelswould work in DMA
  5. well if you have windows on your harddrive that is configed to different hardware they will be a lot of issues. New motherboard - new install. Best way to go.
  6. My Board booted up fine the first time. Only issue was with IDE Optical drives, but I think I may have the solution for it, gotta test it when I get home. If you can't find the a 4pin connection your PSU may have a 6pin connection If so, it plugs in next to the 24pin connection. On a side note, I didn;t know slot 2/4 was recommended over 1/3. I'll probaly switch it up tonight Just because.
  7. Update: I have now installed windows 3 times Windows XP pre SP 1 disk. As soon as windows loaded I checked the drives - PIO mode Installed SP2 - Same issue Installed all the drivers from the driver CD that came with the motherboard I have my HDD (sata) on the sata 1 port. (ati controller) I moved it to a different port (not the ati controller) Same issue. I have tried a bunch of differnt reg hacks Nothing seems to be working I updated to the lastest Beta Bios from DFI Is there ATI chipset drivers besides the ones on the CD? Maybe an update. Has anyone solved this issue that has had it? ..Reading a few more posts, not sure how I missed 1 of them. Going to try to do this: South OnChip IDE Device -> disable UDMA Seems to have worked for people
  8. ya I just fixed that. Full system specs in sig now.
  9. Just reformated, drive still stuck in PIO mode Tried 3 different IDE cables Checked Bios settings, seems Ok there. Changed it a round a bit for testing, no change Tried 2 drives Both IDE channels Any thoughts?
  10. I'm having the same issue. Optical Drives stuck in PIO mode. I have ripped drivers, gone ito the regesty. searched microsoft. Nothing seems to work. Can't even watch a DVD. Any updates I may be missing?
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