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Help - DFI EXPERT no video on boot!

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i have tried to unplug everything but the essentials but that makes no difference...


any ideas why it still acts the same when i have no power going to the card or pci express bit so its only being powered by the slot.. it works fine when i just do the quick re-turn on thing..


oh and this is what i really have..


3700 sandiego

2x1gb ocz pc4000

512mb 7800 gtx

soundblaster audigy

DDen 12v pump 2x120mm fans @1400rpm cooling the 120mm rad hmm this does start when the sys does.. ill unplugg it and see if thats pulling too much to start up the sys, it will be ok for a second

dvd rewriter

cd rewriter

37gb raptor

40 gig maxtor

120gb seagate (storage)

3x80mm case fans

1x cold cathode uv light

Aerogate II - for fan control -- hmm could be this too ill unplug that

2x 60mm fans blowing on memory slots

i think thats the lot


but when i tested with bare bones i only had




pump + 2x120mm fans


the rest was unplugged

i will now test without the pump being powered by the psu... maybe it drains too much on start but when the sys is going ( pump still going and i turn off and on again quick that low spike isnt there cos pump hasnt stopped spinning - good idea but i will check)



ok i tried it

NO pump no fans no aerogate no hdds damn this thing was quiet lol


it made no difference.. i even turned the voltage rails up to silly numbers waiting for a pop but it still acted the same


BUT one thing i was able to notice because the thing was now so quiet was when i boot from off i get no video but the gtx's fan is spinning rather loud! enuff for me to hear it (maybe flat out) and when i quickly off and on it the system was much quieter.. i checked the gtx's fan and it is running slow no risk of cutting my fingers off like that.. - but this is when the damn thing is working!!


so gtx fan speed hi on first boot from off and no video

do the quick off then on thing

gtx fan spins slowly (quiet but i get video and can use the system all day with no hiccups


ive even checked the temperature of the gtx and its not going near 55 degrees and idles on desktop @ 40, there is a bit about have max fan speed all time which is ticked but this is windows software not the boot sequence...


hmm.. what ya recon now?

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Have you tried a different video card? Even an old pci card, anything? I would want to try to find out if it was, in fact, the mobo or vid card. If you put in an old pci, super basic vid card and it still won't boot without jumping through hoops, then I would say you can rule out the vid card as the problem. It would be even better if you had access to a pci-e card that didn't require as much power as the gtx, say a 6600 or something.

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Did your rma'd board fix this issue? I just got the expert myself and I am having the exact same problem but with a 7800 gt. Just wanted to verify that your rma fixed it before I submit an rma myself.

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I've had the exact same problem with my Ultra-D board. Right now I'm on an Expert board but your problem looks very recognisable.


No video on screen, but the computer did seem to take of (with a blank screen in standby).


I gave the board to a friend and he reprogrammed the bios chip from scratch, so I'll be trying in the next few days if this made any difference.


Oh yes : I did try to boot with a spare PCIe card, but still the same blank screen.


I'll keep y'all posted.

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This sounds like the exact problem I'm having. What exactly do you mean by reprogramming the bios chip, you don't mean flashing it do you?. Did this ever fix the problem?


For clear understanding : yes I mean reflashing it, but a friend of mine did this by removing the bioschip, erasing it completely first and then program the bios on it.


Unfortunately it didn't fix the problem. I had to RMA the board, because frankly, I didn't see any other way. I really wonder what went wrong, as the problem started occuring slowly. At first : no video once in a while, after a while half of the times, and now no video at all. Also : at first I could use the bottom slot as backup. In the end that refused too...


To be honest, and on a sidenote : my DFI expert board also has lots of inexplicable little problems. It works fine at stock, but OC'ing with it is imho a real nightmare. I've spent countless hours already trying to figure the board out, and frankly I'm sick of it. I've ordered a backup SLI-D that should arrive any day now, so I can get going again. I pray my Ultra-D comes out of RMA soon, then my Expert goes out of the door. ASAP.


PS : Sorry for the late reply.

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