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  1. Hi all How do I install WinXP on SATA drive without floppy? In two times i had to seek for a floppy, and now for a floppy cable, cause i DONT use the floppy drive, and i just can't get it, how can you NEED the floppy drive to install the SATA driver then windows? Im talking you at Linux Ubuntu 5.1... But well, that's the question, is there ANY way to install WinXP SP2 with my SATA drive and my Sil3114 controller WITHOUT a floppy drive? Thanks, again
  2. Problem "solved". I think it is the network monitor for the Marvell NIC, dont know why, but it seems that it is trying to get a connection, but there is no cable for it (cable unpluged), and it seems like if the explorer waits for the monitor stablish connection... VERY strange, any opinion about it? Ô_O
  3. ok I found something interesting: The last thing loaded are the two network monitors. My internet comes from a router, and i receive it with the "NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller", not with the Marvell Yukon 88E8001/8003/8010 PCI Gigabit Ethernet Controller... Maybe there is a problem with the connections, im gonna try to disable both and see what happens...
  4. Daemon Tools 4.01HE MSN Messenger 7.5 ATi Tray Tools v1.0.4.780 ATi x300SE with driver
  5. It is not slow, it is more slow than a P 150 MHz... Booting up and all the stuff, and asking me my login and password to enter windows, is perfect, very fast. But the problem is when it starts loading the task bar, the messenger icon is there, the banshee alarm too (its the first loaded), the Daemon tools is there, ATi tray is there, but then I've to wait from 20 seconds to unknown (sometimes i had to reset that piece _____) What can be going wrong? The PC doesn't hang on games or any intense activity... maybe a corrupted system file or something? ***I've ubuntu 5.10 on another partition of the disk. Thanks guys!
  6. A Computer will run faster as it's slower part...is like a chain, it's so strong as its weaker link... I think you mean a celeron, its celeron or its pentium, not both at the same time. Cya!
  7. I just wanna say something: You, north americans, europeans and blabla, you have money to buy good cars, but oil there is EXPENSIVE, and a lot! and you cant run with those things in the streets or highways, cause cops are waiting for you! Here, in Venezuela, oil is cheaper than mineral water, im not joking, with 0.05$ you can get a LITTER (1000 ml) of brand new good and asskicker gasoline, 6 times more than what you get buying mineral water. You can run at high speeds in the highways, cause the cops arent gonna give a damm about it, there are a few cops in the highways and they dont care about speed limits. But we dont have the money to get good cars as you! DAMM!! That sucks! xD
  8. SLi Really sucks, but well, you know, the marketing...
  9. Bueno, si quieres te registras en el foro de PC Pimper, ahi dejé el link en las conclusiones. Por el momento estamos poco activos, pero a medida que se sume gente podría "cocerse" algo bueno... It would be better that AMD get a very good core and performance, cause Intel is coming back with their new cores...we dont wanna see monopolies, they just raise the prices, and i dont like that too much
  10. It seems to be a very nice feature, at least in gaming, you dont lose too much performance and even you can win it if you get tigher your timmings decreasing speed, just take a look to CS: S benchie =P And it may be very usefull on laptop computers, that needs to reduce heat (you can run the RAM at lower frequencys without loosing lots of performance). But maybe it sucks while you need to compress files. I'll see if i get some free time to add a kernel recompilation and compare performances, and maybe another gaming bench and a sound compressing bench. And compare performance with my mobile and see what happens when i use dividers, all the life has been said that there is a lot of performance penalty while using dividers on non integrated memory controller systems (A-XP, P4, PIII...). Lets see the differences... Yo odio tener que hablar en inglés y que se me olviden algunas palabras jejeje tengo que ir a buscar el traductor u_U Veo que eres de OC Mexico, estuve algún tiempo ahi creo. Saludos
  11. Was using my XP90 included thermal grease and didnt notice nothing after using AS5, but it still dont have a day of applied...lets see what happens some days after... I cleaned the XP90 thermal grease with acetone, then alcohol at 100%. ***imrahil, i almost everytime cover the CPU die directly with the AS5, with a thin layer of it. Then put the Heatsink.
  12. I have to burn 15 hours of memtest the RAM at 3.5v for TWO MONTHS? ô_O Or should i use the rig for two months at 3.5vdimm with those speeds?
  13. http://pcpimper.todosystems.net/pub/review...aa64/index.html Just sharing that with you, i hope you like it. **Its in spanish, but you may be able to understand the benchies. If somebody wanna translate it to english or another language feel free to tell me and i'll leave the other languages link. Cya
  14. Hi, well, i need to buy some stuff (a VGA card, some value RAM, a CPU) and i would like to know a good internet reseller, damm i cant buy at newegg cause they dont like even a little international orders... I can pay with paypal and mastercard international. I need the best prices and a good reseller. Tigerdirect seems very nice for me, but i dont like to be charged with 7% tax, no other shop charges me that, my address is at miami but i dont know why the charge me taxes and other shops doesnt :confused:
  15. :shake: but that may sucks, cause you hands just can be allways in the car...you know what i mean A middle seat driver is a very interesting thing, you can see left and right side troubleless
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