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Does SLI require 2 identical cards?

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When looking at the Nvidia website it says that you need 2 SLI certified cards (not stating that these have to be identical) I have a XFX 7800GT and a XFX 6800, if i do the SLI mod for my Ultra-D AND find a SLI bridge somewhere, will this combo then work?


I would like to test it myself, but i already spend 4 hours yesterday on replacing my DFI chipset fan with a Zalman cooler (motherboard on a tray :sweat: ) and i am not the solder king.


Before dedicating another weekend to my PC, i would to know if this will work. Does anybody also have an expectation on performance gain? currently running 3Dmark05 at nearly 8600 points.

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i no its a long shot, but has anyone tested using a higher spec'd card with a lower spec'd card by using rivatuner to underclock so their matched and disable any extra pipelines? possibly on ultras/gts/nus but im guessing no chance in hell of a 7800+6800.

sensible use? you bought a 6800GT, couldn't get one now, so you disable a quad and a VS and sli it with a 6800GS of same clock speeds. and im guessing due to ROPs you may have problems with this

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It's supposed to be possible with totally diffrent crds, nvidia wise, with the newer drivers but I woud'nt really know.


As for somewhat identical cards, ie 2 gf7's.

If it does'nt work, make a bios for them, and flash it to both the cards.

Should work unless... , ie the hardware vendor id can't be changed it seems even though you can force the bios part of it.


Would probably work though.

I think, I have'nt checked to see if the driver looks for the hardware version of the vendor id.


In any case try using the newest driver possible, ie from nv's ftp.




Back up one dir to get into the normal consumer drivers.

81.98 is'nt out yet for some reason, been like that all day.... ^^



I suppose it's possible to doit it even if the driver does look at the hardware vendor id.

You can force the driver to detect a quadro and work, but it's still a fake quadro ie like rivatuner's crappy nvstrap thing.

Well you need both rt's nvstrap and the little work around by modding the inf(not just swapping the id's).


It's a little odd.


You need to force a quadro as a gefore and a geforce as a quadro, or somehting I can't remmember, lemme see if I can bring it up.


This is'nt really known out there in the public though..., ohwell I have no need for it anymore, since the newer protections of the newer cards.


I thin this is the correct way, I can't remember, I'd have to doit again.


Edited out, was the wrong one and I don't have to test to find the correct way.


It forces the quadro as a geforce, you install the quadro though instead.

When it falls back, well it works.

It gets the cpl to recognize it's a quadro all out except for the ogl.

If you cobine with rt's nvstrap, it makes a full fake quadro, but still protections are in place in ogl apps and will go into a inf loop sometimes.


Plus, a real quadro's performce is a bit diffrent.

None the less, this still gets rid of macrovision protection when doing caps lmao :).


The performance diffs with this is quite alike with a real quadro, but liek I said it's a tad bit diffrent.


Also newer cards, the driver knows that it's not real.

So there's no preformance benifits, or rendering benifits at all.


I have'nt check macrovision at all though in the newer cards.


Another thing is tr'v nvstrap sets up totally wrong strap device id's, so that does'nt help.

Ie a qfx 540, it's strap device id is 0000h, while rivatuner sets it up as 014e lol.


Nvstrap is still not a real quadro anyways, /me must find the hardware id maps for the 6600gt ref pcb.....

(I think I know where they are but I dn what is what).



Sorry about getting so off topic.



Another edit:

The above inf thingy was wrong anyways...

I can't remember where I have that located right now.

So I'm gonan take it out, makes me look stupid.

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