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  1. cooler = more noise i prefer cooler, 50 idle on the socket sensor is not a problem, as long as the core temps are around 40...... with a 900 rpm Unless you prefer to sit next to a windtunnel and have your socket sensor read 30c..... if you setup your bios correctly you can have your CPU fan kick in to the next treshold (2800rpm on 55c) your system will then not get too hot.
  2. Now that was EASY Raised the FSB to 400, system boots perfectly Raised to 425, system still boots fine (memory is now DDR2-880) Had 6 hours of dual prime95 instances without a hitch, so can assume that this sytem is pretty stable at 3.400Mhz :drool: This a a nice and clean overclock on stock volts and with SpeedStep still intact. Think i am gonna stick to this as it suits the HTPC ver well:p
  3. Yah, AMD was easy is this just rasing the FSB as well and adjust the dividers? I have not been online with OC'ing for almost 2 years, so i am a bit behind on the current naming and technology:p To add to that, my system is used in the living purely as HTPC so i look for settings on auto Vcore to leverage lower multipliers and vcore when idle i would also prefer top ram speed over max cpu speed so 3.2Gh @ 800Mhz would be doable at stock settings?
  4. I've just moved from my DFI NF4 Ultra-D with x2 4400+ towards a new C2D system, The components are the following: Intel C2D 6750 ASUS P5KR Mainboard 4x 1gb OCZ XTC Platinum DDR2-800 My question is, how far can i clock the CPU and RAM? and is there some C2D OC noob guide somewhere? I know how to work my Prime95 but i am a bit lost in FSB ratios, mem dividers etc.
  5. runs into 73c, i had to set the fan on 80% in RivaTuner
  6. you were right, after de-installing and re-installing everything seems to work properly.
  7. I can confirm that with the Zalman 9500 the Thermalright will not fit above the videocard, you will need to mount it underneath.
  8. I do love Dell, and they currently have the best LCD line up in the market! also their systems are getting sexier as well. At least admit that they are trying, as we all know, delivering a quad core OC is not going to be an easy task. I would not be surprised if they did use the street methodology in order to rubberstamp the system stable. And regarding the PSU's, they can't put a bud PSU in there otherwise it wouldn't pull off the OC...... And yes 5K is not cheap, but this is with a badass screen and a high end custom case. Don't forget all the bits we're spending on little tuning bits after the PC purchase, this ystem includes it all (+ software) I wouldn't mind bying one....
  9. Nope didn't do that, can try that tomorrow, the other thing that becomes worrying is the heat, card reaches 82 degrees easily while playing BF2 I've installed my Thermalright Chipset cooler (SLI edition and it doesn't fit on the top because of my Zalman 9500, so it goes underneath. The radiator is now straight under the fan of the 8800. (it doesn't get got though, not even handwarm) I will try your tips and also put the fan on full speed via RivaTuner and see where that takes me.
  10. With the XXX Bios my system BSOD'ed after 30mins in BF2, by putting in an extra fan i hope to sort this out.
  11. i would suggest to boot 2x with 2 individual cards and put them both back in after the upgrade.
  12. That's correct downloaded the xxx bios from mkvtech and flashed it with NVflash
  13. just flashed my XFX 8800GTX to XXX edition and works perfectly!
  14. And it worked!! Using NvFlash 5.33 and xx XXX bios files posted on the web. Not that i notice any major difference, but still a nice free "upgrade" for us XFX users
  15. Congrats with the renewed board! i missed not having it around... (way too much time on my hands)
  16. google on nvraid + fernando and you will find your NVraid boot drivers both for Vista32 and x64. I did a clean install from scrap myself.....
  17. That's not my experience RGone, even at stock speeds, DFI boards cannot properly wake up from S1 or S3 and freeze in any OS after waking up.
  18. Not good enough, a board needs to perform as advertized. If it supports EnergyStar and S1 & S3 modes. these need to work properly. And currently they are not. Not on w2k, not on XP and not on Vista, or linux
  19. Does as seperate gamecard do anythnig performance wise? i mean does it reduce lag/audio stuttering in online games? (i.e. BF2 on a full 64 server?) I still have 2 soundblasters 5.1 card lying around, wonder if i should put one in?
  20. The X2 driver is the Windows front end for C&Q, you need to have both C&Q enabled in the BIOS and the driver installed in order for it to work. The X2 driver sorts nothing out regarding affinity in games (the BSODs around a year ago) this has been fixed in the dual core optimized Nvidia video drivers. So if you don't want to use C&Q and have a Nvidia card you don't need to install any hotfix or driver
  21. I've ordered my HR05 SLi yesterday. I am very curious wether it will end up on top of the 8800GTX (if the Zalman 9500 isn't too big) or below (probably creating severe heat issues for the 8800GTX) We'll see, i'll let you know once assembled and tested.
  22. Don't understand?!? stable is stable isn't it? Not being able to install your OS means not being 100% stable. Suggest to read the guide prime first.
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