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  1. radio shack doesn't have the best capacitors...it could very well be bad...do a search for sprague capacitors...or you could have a cold solder joint
  2. the_vandyl

    Ultra D...problems getting post

    well, finally got some time on my hands and was able to pull one of my 7800 GTX's from my sli system, it's the pc i'm using now..so anyway, i put that card in and the 7900 GT KO is to blame....i posted right off the bat...no problems...so now i wait for an rma i guess, thanks for all the help
  3. the_vandyl

    Ultra D...problems getting post

    yeah..i'm doing a long clear tonight, i work midnights so i'll see how things go in the morning i've switched ram slots, but not ram, just the sticks...the board is in a case, it's watercooled and a replacement for a asus board that had a bad chipset that asus won't replace because i put a aftermarket cooler on the chipset ...ahhh...but anyway, it's not hard to swap stuff around....the video card is next....eVGA said they will replace it if it's the problem, which "that" card has been having a lot of problems....Nvidia screwed the 7900's up pretty bad on the voltage regulators...i took out my x-fi card before i ever booted to eliminate that possibility...hardware makers really need to take ownership of the problems they are selling people...
  4. the_vandyl

    Ultra D...problems getting post

    i've tried a few clears...to no avail
  5. okay, i just built a new DFI system, asus can lick my [email protected], i can't get past the last diagnostic led, it just hangs there..i get a long beep and then 2-3 short ones..all real fast, then it just sits there at 1 led...is it my craptastic eVGA 7900 GT KO? or am i missing something? all of the four connections are in place DFI Ultra D AMD X2 3800 eVGA 7900 GT KO Mushkin 2Gb PC4000 (in the orange slots:tried with just one stick, same results) 4x Hitachi Deskstar 250Gb OCZ Powerstream 600w i am using a samsung Syncmaster 930b, i was using a vga cable, but changed it to a DVI when i built this system, don't think that matters, but it kept switching from digital to analog, which i would think is from a lack of i/o via the card
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    What Heatsink are you using?

  7. the_vandyl

    A64 3800+ X2

  8. Just throw it in your scrap book like all of the other serial killers...lol
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    I need some help

    sorry mods, can you move this to "recommendations and hot deals"
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    I need some help

    need linkage or reference to any CONUS retailer/Etailer that sells good fan shrouds for the ThermoChill HE120.2 radiators..looking for other than OEM, i know there is a good one in taiwan, but i don't understand their language besides, they seem to ask a lot of questions: Th?rmoChill H?120.2 #31??????????????#@901-920????????????????????? lol... seriously though, any watercooling fiends out there that can help me, all is appreciated...otherwise, I'm making my own :tooth:
  11. the_vandyl

    PASSWORD? What password?!

    well my mistake was not reading the fine print when purchasing the sticks from newegg..i wanted rev2 sticks...i know a few other people that made the same mistake i am building a water cooled 3800X2 system and i'll concentrate my efforts on OCing that one instead
  12. the_vandyl

    PASSWORD? What password?!

    they aren't tccd..they suck for overclocking...i couldn't get mine past 216