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cmos reloaded.


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You hold in f1, f2, f3 or f4 before you hit power on your rig.

May not allways work on a usb keyboard, at least on my nf2, the insert key trick does'nt allways work with my usb keboard, I have to temperally uise an adapter for the ps2 port to doit sometimes...


f1 would = cmos backup #1, etc.

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Wow, so I didn't have to reset the bios every time I set the ram timings to low,

but I did try the insert trick but It did nothing. Must be that I was using a usb keyboard.


What are the advantages of using native usb vs ps2 adaptor?

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Well, on this keyboard, I have to use it when I get a fresh cmos, ie fromt he cmos jumper, I have to hold insert using a ps2 adater to post.


When I hold insert any other time(ie not fter using the cmos jumper) it works with my usb keyboard.


I recently reemmber that my older keyboard, was an expensive ibm one, usb, allways worked at all times with the hold insert trick.


So it may depend on what you got there.

Just have an adapter around just in case ;), they come with all the cheapy keyboards and mouses(mice, err somethign lol) these days :).


I've used f1 and etc before that happened to recover from stuff that insert did'nt, but whatever, I can't really explian that one.


Still the insert, f key tricks are pretty handy and save your butt sometimes :).



I can't bootup from using the cmos jumper with my tcc5, and I allways need to hold insert after I use the jumper....

It's just my mobo, these nf2's were'nt meant for this memory I think.


My adata on te other hand boots up fine in that instance, then again it's on the supported memory list for this board.




The only reason why I use the adapter at all is because of that one occasion.


This newer, but cheapy keyboard, I cannot hold shift and the left arrow key at the same time, which screws over my fps gaming experience.

But if I go straight usb, it works.


I wish my old ibm keyboard sworked, but abuddy of mine killed it by poouring pop all over it, one of those huge cups from wesco(a gas station), just a big cup lol.

So I'm stuck with this keyboard.

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