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Need help Memtest pass, but coudn't load windows

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I have tested each module, these 2 modules can pass memtest #1-8 for 5 passes no error found @2.7v(if I give 2.6v so many error found).


And my new memory(twinmos) have arrive, I tested @2.7 and can pass superpi 32M(FSB200x10 opt default). Also can pass superpi 32M @240x10 2.5-3-3-7 1T div166 @2.7v


I wonder what happened to the memory?(strange)......

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Memtest each module and see what happens.

Do not use more than 2.8v.


If you get errors contact crucial and ask for a replacement.


Then when you new modules arrive do not go over 2.6v and see what happens.


each module works fine, memtest @2.7v pass all test for 5 passes.


my new modules (twinmos speed premium pc3200 2x256MB AA4T) pair with my A64 3200 and dfi ultra-d R.AD0 works fine @200 2.5-3-3-8 1T 2.6v


so the problem is crucial ballistix, thah only works @stock speed/DDR400 @2.8v(minimal).

Is this because of the heat? I mean, if I touch the spreader feel warm but hot inside them?

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