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  1. @brinco : do you have metal backplate to replace the default plastic backplate from expert ? I have ordered it too, for my Ultra-D or my Expert. and how about the retention kit? is it included ?
  2. my WD Raptor(as Windows operating system) is not in Raid mode. now, my configuration : mainboard : dfi expert proc : opt148 mem : geil tccd 2x512 hdd : SATA1 (nv chip) --> WD Raptor 74GB (as OS) SATA2 (nv chip) --> WD Caviar 320GB SATA3&4 (nv chip) --> 2 x Hitachi Desktar 160GB SATA II on Raid0 SATA5 (sil3114 chip) --> Seagate 80GB (has an OS on this drive) I bought 4 x Hitachi Desktar 250GB SATAII that I wanted to build as Raid0+1, need 4 SATA that can run as SATA generation II so I choosed nv chip(4 SATA fully used), then I moved the WD Raptor contained OS to sil3114. the config became : mainboard : dfi expert proc : opt148 mem : geil tccd 2x512 hdd : SATA1-4 (nv chip) --> 4 x Hitachi Desktar 250GB SATAII in Raid0+1 SATA5 (sil3114 chip) --> WD Raptor 74GB SATA6 (sil3114 chip) --> Seagate 80GB SATA7(sil3114 chip) --> WDCaviar 320GB if I choose boot priority --> Seagate 80GB then work normally but if I choose boot priority --> WD Raptor 74GB then wont boot
  3. Usually I use my Raptor on SATA1 (nv chip) and 2x160GB Hitachi SATA2 on SATA3+4 (raid0), but now I want my Raptor on SATA5(sil3114) cause I build new raid0+1 (4x250GB Hitachi SATA2), so no room anymore on my nv chip I have install the drive for non-raid, If I use my Raptor on nvchip then I install 3 HDD(non raid) on SATA5,6,7(sil 3114), they are detected as 3 HDD, but my raptor still cant boot from sil3114. Its different with my Seagate as OS can boot from nv chip or sil3114:confused:
  4. I have set the controller to SATA in Genie BIOS menu, I can use my Seagate as OS on SATA5(sil3114 chip) but WDRaptor have problem, is it the HDD problem?
  5. First time, I installed WD Raptor on SATA1(nv chip) and Seagate on SATA5(sil 3114 chip). When installing, windows only detect WD Raptor then I choosed WD Raptor for my OS. After finished and booted into windows again, Windows give a message to install driver then I inserted disc that contain nf4 driver, so Mass storage driver installed. I turned off my computer, changed the WD Raptor to SATA5 (sil 3114 chip). I turned on my comp, but won't boot into Windows "Disk write error occure Press Ctrl+Alt+Del". But this methode worked for my Seagate. Note : I wan to install non-raid sata driver, but I don't know which one?
  6. Dear friend, I have problem with my system, dfi expert + wd raptor. Usually I put my WD Raptor (as OS) on SATA 1(nv chipset). This day I want to change it to SATA 5(sil 3114) because I want to install raid 0+1(4x250GB Hitachi Desktar SATA II) on SATA1-4(nv raid0+1), but it couldnt boot. When POST appear message "Disk read error occured, Press Ctrl+Alt+Del" I have enabled "Sil 3114" as SATA and installed Sil 3114 storage mass driver. The strange thing is my Seagate can boot on Sil 3114 (SATA5) Is WD Raptor not compatible with Sil 3114 ?:confused: Is there another way to boot with WD Raptor on Sil3114 ?
  7. I use bios 12/7. it's fine for my geil bh5 (FSB255 3.6v prime stable), but it's dificult for me to fine the correct setting for geil tccd at FSB270...
  8. expert has compatibility problem with tccd, venus improve tccd performance... but is venus better then old sli-dr ?
  9. Improve expert weakness in tccd, how about this board compare with old sli-dr ?
  10. dear friend, I have DFI Expert board, but it looks don't like tccd, so I decide to buy DFI venus... Anyone know about this board? is it good for tccd? how about it compare to DFI sli-dr (the old one,not expert version) ?
  11. I also used vantec iceberq4, temp load 41-42c... for cpu , I prefer using vantec's paste then AS5, in my mine vantec cooler then AS5, now I'm trying Geil...
  12. dear friend, which bios for expert that can fixed the temp problem? I never flash my bios (still 211 official bios) there is difference temp reading between my expert and ultra-d
  13. I experience the same problem with you here : http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=34075 you got problem because your comp don't work with your DRAM setting (you change your setting to 2-2-2-5). try to plug only one ram(DIMM2), then you can enter BIOS. this is very strange happened to SLI-D/DR EXPERT, I never have this problem with my ULTRA-D. If I use wrong DRAM setting, just hang, but after I restart it will POST then I still can enter BIOS.
  14. I always got 3 leds on when I used ULTRA-D & twinmos SP after clear CMOS(switching from 4v jp to 3.2v jp). And now with NF4 EXPERT & twinmos SP, I got 3 leds on too if I use setting that ram can't work(for example @250 2-2-2-5 1T 3.2v). Usually I put off the second ram(DIMM4) then restart. And it work but take time cause it's hard to plug in the ram again (I use XP-120) . Can you give me solution how to get it work again? without put off the second ram(DIMM4)
  15. Dear all, I got problem using this new motherboard, when I used the wrong setting(RAM) my comp won't POST(STUCK & 3 leds lights, the screen blank) so I can't enter BIOS. Finally I had to clear CMOS--> tried to restart-->still didn't POST-->put off the second ram(in DIMM4)-->restart again-->POST-->load opt default on BIOS&save-->then I can shutdown and plug in the second ram again-->normal boot to windows(dual ch). This way is too long and because I use XP-120, it's very hard to put the second ram off. Can anyone suggest me a better way-out without putting off the second ram? When I used memtest(test#5 for 2-3 hours), my ram tested in DDR500 there is a strange happened to me; my ram twinmos speed premium utt ch-5 (p/n : AA4T) pc3200 2x256MB I set htt muti x3, mem divider200(1:1), 2-2-2-5 1T 3.33v if I use cpu multi x7 so many errors found but if I set cpu multi x10 no error found Anyone here have an experience like me? Please give me a solution. Also anyone know the good setting for utt ch-5 in DFI NF4 SLI-DR EXPERT? THANKS.
  16. I have cleared CMOS twice, anyway thanks for your advice, I have solved it by unplug the memory (and plug it again).
  17. dear all, I just have changed the jumper to 4v but I forgot to set CPU voltage from auto, then my comp can't post, how to fix it, please help me... thanks
  18. each module works fine, memtest @2.7v pass all test for 5 passes. my new modules (twinmos speed premium pc3200 2x256MB AA4T) pair with my A64 3200 and dfi ultra-d R.AD0 works fine @200 2.5-3-3-8 1T 2.6v so the problem is crucial ballistix, thah only works @stock speed/DDR400 @2.8v(minimal). Is this because of the heat? I mean, if I touch the spreader feel warm but hot inside them?
  19. kalau ada yg 144 my problem in memory, I have replace it with twinmos sp
  20. EDIT... I have tested each module, these 2 modules can pass memtest #1-8 for 5 passes no error found @2.7v(if I give 2.6v so many error found). And my new memory(twinmos) have arrive, I tested @2.7 and can pass superpi 32M(FSB200x10 opt default). Also can pass superpi 32M @240x10 2.5-3-3-7 1T div166 @2.7v I wonder what happened to the memory?(strange)......
  21. I will memtest each module, but if no error found, which is defect memory or cpu ? Is this reading on CPU-Z normal? And today my new mainboard and memory will arrive, I will use/pair with my proc(that I don't know good/bad), if my proc defect, will it make trouble to another device(mem/mainboard) ?
  22. I have ordered dfi sli-dr exp and new memory(twinmos sp), today these devices will arrive, I want to see if my proc paired with them. Anyway if my proc defect, will it(proc) cause trouble another device?
  23. @plantj : after I RMA my first mainboard(R.AB0) and got new one(R.AD0), I got same problem, can't start/load windows @stock speed (I have to give higher VDRAM, 2.8v)
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