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memtest86 errors in Dual Channel only

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crap... lol, I'm using same RAM as plantj.... hope i don;t run into same problems...


Following ed's guide for initial setup, memtesting one stick of ram right now.... almost afraid to test the both if single ram passes 8 hr's

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Thanks for posting the memory settings. I used them when I was having trouble on my initial build.


Then about a month ago I came back from vacation, and ... dead PC. RMA'd it back to DFI and they told me my power supply that had been OK for a year and a half was incompatible. Got the board back and ordered a new Antec True Power Trio 550W. Things were good for a couple of days, then it locked up and the SATA drive would not boot due to a hard drive issue. So I thought I'll just pop in an IDE drive, install XP and fix it. No luck. File copy errors every time followed by a BSOD. It appears that DFI flashed the BIOS. After a reflash to the version you suggested, and a configuring the settings you specified, I can now install XP on the IDE drive. Took me a while to figure out what happened, but the clue was that there was no Command per Clock option and a couple of other differences in the available settings.


So, thanks again.



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