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  1. Well I just RMA'd my Ultra-D and they actually sent back the same hardware! Not only that but it had the same problems it had before shipping it to them. I even got new RAM and tried a different CPU. I was very upset when I emailed and their response was "it passed our tests, it must be another component" and that I could send them the board with all of my components and they could test them for me...WTF!? I started to write a long hateful email then decided to just give it up. I'll go with another vendor and either sell this on Ebay or junk it. I would feel bad selling a board I knew was faulty. I am very dissappointed. A vendor sending back faulty hardware after I paid money to have it shipped for RMA, thats just crappy. -jd
  2. i am far from an expert but I have been reading a lot about all this stuff lately. Honestly, I would not ignore any errors at all. No errors are acceptable when it comes to memory in my opinion. -jd
  3. Yes I'm sure, that's why I asked -jd
  4. I have noticed a big difference in stability when raising LDT voltage. I was hoping this thread would be a good discussion on this topic as well. What are other peopl experiencing? Anyone have more details on what exactly this voltage is an how it affect power to the proc?
  5. oh yeah, I am keeping my fingers crossed that my CPU memory controller isn't borked. If ntune still detects a third stick of RAM once I get the new motherboard, then I guess its time to go proc shopping or try to RMA....sigh... I know that all of my problems are most likely the motherboard or CPU. Although i've had several name brand motherboards with problems, but have never had a bad CPU. I guess I'll find out soon enough. I just hope it doesn't take too long for the RMA process to complete with DFI. -jd
  6. a little progress... I am going to RMA the board because there it is having several issues. I will say that I found some memory timings that helped a TON. I copied some from a post in the overclock database from someone running the same RAM I have. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...96&postcount=33 That and I flashed to the official 623-3 BIOS. Although I'm still having some other strange issues, I will say that these BIOS worked much better for me than the 704. With those settings I have my system somewhat stable. I will still RMA the board though, cause I am having some other issues most likely attributed to a problem with my MB. Thanks for all your help guys. -jd
  7. that sounds exactly like the problem i'm having... exactly! I sent an email to DFI requesting a replacement, I hope I don't have any trouble. Please let us know the outcome of your RMA... Thanks, -jd
  8. I do have to say though... Without trying to complain or anything because I really don't mind tweaking things and spending lots of time getting things to work.. But I really don't like the idea that to get any RAM to work without errors I would have to spend so much time just to run at stock speeds? I am fully aware I bought a tweaker's board and all, but man! I feel like i've been spending so much time trying so man different things that i haven't taken the time to use the machine for what I bought it for. -jd
  9. Ah ok I see. I'll try that and see what happens. Thanks again. -jd
  10. I am at the office at the moment. I can try that when I get to the house, but the problem is that I don't see any errors when running one stick. Its only in dual channel. So I'm not sure that would really help? Thanks for the suggestion by the way:) Oh yeah, and I have all power connectors hooked up.
  11. I have been using a DFI Lanpart NF4 Ultra-D for a few months now. I have really enjoyed the features of this motherboard but recently have been having crashing problems with Windows XP. It has gotten to the point where windows will not even boot 1 out of 5 times. I found that my RAM was giving thousands of errors when running memtest86 test 5. I decided to test the RAM one stick at a time to try to isolate the problem. When running the RAM in single channel mode I get no errors at all in memtest86. Once I run the sticks together in dual channel mode the errors come back. I've tried several different BIOS versions and RAM placements orange and yellow slots. This began on the stock BIOS which was 310 i think, then i tried the 623 BIOS, and currently running the 704-2bta BIOS. Thinking I possibly had a problem with RAM I swapped it out with some older Mushkin Value RAM 2x512MB. I found the same problems with memtest when using this ram in dual channel mode. One other thing that recently started happening is that when using nvidia Ntune to review system information (I don't use ntune to make any changes), I found that it is showing a 3rd stick of ram when i'm only running two sticks. It has the module name as a row of gargbage characters. This "ghost" RAM module now shows up even if I have only one stick of RAM in the machine, with both the OCZ and Mushkin RAM. This garbage module problem has shown up in two completely clean installs of Windows XP. I really have been happy with the DFI motherboard up to this point, I'm hoping that I won't have to buy another board. I use this motherboard for work as well as gaming, stability is pretty important. I sent an email to DFI support but wanted to also see what you guys thought. Thanks, Jd