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    GTA 4 - ps3 / 360

    Dan is right, it does look rather poor on ps3... especially when viewed through a PC gamers Eye. I played it once on the day it came out for an hour... and haven't played it since. I just can't get passed the poor graphics... all of the perfect 10 reviews sucked me in to thinking the graphics were a ten... and they are not! he same thing happened to me on GTA SA on ps2.... that game had such bad graphics and poor draw distances it was unplayable for me.... The PC version however made the game much more playable... I'm fearing I may need to wait for the PC version again to get the full enjoyment out of the game.
  2. find a 7900gt with infineron ram (not samsung) and volt mod it... can be had for $125-150 or so I'd imagine. edit: I guess you can't volt mod unless you water cool or havea vf-900 or other good cooler.... still a stock 7900 will see an improvement over the 6800
  3. I don't know how far fromt he source you are, but I suspect tha tperhaps your TV is still in cable mode rather than antenna. You need to switch the tv to antenna, then do a search for digital channels... my dad bought a 46" xbr4 and had the same issue until i notcied that.
  4. perhaps you can comment on 120hz LCD's and the pro's and cons of the 120hz refresh rate? Also, do you feel as though ISF calibration is worth the $300-400 cost? One month ago I purchased a Panasonic 58pz700u and really like it, I am still in the break in period, so I have not turned up my settings, but I plan on eventually getting the set ISF calibrated. I also purcahsed a PS3 and an HDMI cable from monoprice.com, I'm impressed with the movie playing capabilities of the PS3, I've yet to buy a blu-ray disc, but the upconversion of standard dvd's to 1080p looks outstanding. I haven't even played a ps3 game as of yet, as I see no game worth $60 out yet (MGS 4 & GTA IV will be though)
  5. Over the last week or so there has been a 1-2 second delay from the time I hit my power button to the time the computer begins powering up. I am fearing that my PSU is failing, This is in regards to Rig 1 as listed in my sig. The powerstream had been working fine for almost 2 years now. I've yet to have any issues pop up while the power supply is on to suggest that my rig is not getting enough power. Anyone have any thoughts, I found a simlar thread which pointed towards a PSU issue. I've recently had a HDD go bad, now this... I'm beginning to think my rig is dying :eek2:
  6. CC has the orange box (HL 2 , Ep 1, Ep 2, TF 2, Portal) for $38 right now, (Plus I have a gamers club membership 10% off - was free from ps3 purchase) I saw steam's price of $30 for ep 2... I'm going to buy a hard copy
  7. I used autonuke, which was apparently the short method, It was moving fine until it (the drive) clicked rather loudly for a minute or 2 then it slowed to a snails crawl
  8. Well, I was lazy and didnt try DBAN until it was too late, the drive has now failed, I tried dban, but it was going ridiculously slow... (699 hours to complete the wipe). Looks like I might as well destroy it now
  9. 450 isnt going to cut it for your planned system, don't cheap out ont he power supply, it is the most important part of your system. The recommended ocz or corsair psu's should suit you fine!
  10. Most of this depends on the cable company, some on the quality of cable you are using to feed your TV. My cable company doesn't encrypt local hd channels, so my TV tuner picks them up for free. I might give OTA a try again just to compare the 2.... hopefully I won't tell the difference (Rabbit ears = PITA)
  11. SMART has told me my 250 GB junk drive is going bad. It is still under warranty. I'm a little leary of sending my drive back to WD with information on it. What do you guys typically do in this situation? thanks
  12. i'd say go for c2d, if you are having to buy new ram and cpu... the only thing extra you'd need for a c2d system is a mobo (can be had for around $120 US). With ricidulously low RAM prices and cpu prices, there isn't really a point in buying a new 939 cpu and ram... JMHO
  13. i'll 3rd the vc-re idea... i'd also say leave the module in place, unless you have some custom i/o plate... IMO it would look weird to have all the holes in the i/o plate for the module, but no module. I say leave it installed, but turn off the module in the bios... it's nice to have in case your sound card craps out (based on my creative experience so far, i say it might one day )
  14. there is no software with the fan controller, there are 4 headers, 4 knobs to control voltage received to each fan, general rule of thumb is for a quiet mode turn the knob so the light on the controller just turns red. I use one on my gaming rig to quiet down my 2 120mm panaflo beheamoths, one of the best buys i've made for this rig
  15. see if you cant find a zalman vf900 for a good price, it will knock your temps down idle to mid to low 40's and load max of 60
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