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My Computer Wont Start


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I just built my computer and it wont start up. When I turn on the main power switch on the back of the Power Supply the Processor fan, 2 case fans, Video card fan and Power Supply fans turn on but only for a second then shut off. The little green light on my motherboard stays on until I shut the power off. I tried reseating the vid card, processor, and RAM but still does it. When I had my CDROM plugged in, the light flashed on that too but only for a second. I took out the sound card and unplugged the CDRW and Hard drive but it still does it. Anyone help?

I have:

Intel Desktop D850EMV2 mobo

Antec 480w true blue Power Supply

Intel 2.8Ghz Processor

Western Digital Caviar 80G Hard drive and Antec HD Cooler

Sony Floppy and CDRW


Radeon 9000 Pro Vid Card

Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Sound Card

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Two Direct-RDRAM channels (four RIMM* sockets total)

PC800 or PC1066 (D850EMVR SKUs only)

Support for up to 2 GB of PC800 system memory or up to 1.5 GB of PC1066 system memory



That's what it says on the intel product page for that motherboard. I dont know much but if RDRAM isnt Rambus maybe it just doesnt support the rambus ram.Just my 2 cents.



oops lol it does support rambus, but it says dual channel so maybe you need a dummy stick or you need to get another stick of 256.

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