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  1. CompX

    Hot Hot Hot Hard Drive

    Nice info. The stock intel heatsink is on it. I'm expecting a new one tomorrow. There is one case fan that is exhausting. I've taken the two hd's apart from each other. They were stacked, and it seemed to help alot. One is running 60C steady now, and the other still about 45C. It hasn't seemed to want to shut down. Last time it shut down was during installing WoW. I guess the load on the hard drive made it heat up. I'm using Intel Thermal Analysis Tool, and Speedfan to measure temps. Intel TAT and Speedfan both show the same temps for the processor. +/- 1C on each core.
  2. I've got two hard drives in my case right now, a 120gig WD sata, and a Maxtor 80gig sata. Both of which seem to be running pretty hot. I've only recently began checking the temps on them, because my computer has been shutting off randomly. The 120gig WD i've seen as high as 68C, and the Maxtor as high as 58C. The 120 WD Stays right at 62-63C at all times, and the Maxtor stays around 46C which I believe is fairly reasonable. The computer isn't telling me they are getting too hot before it shuts off. So I don't even know if this is the problem. I'm guessing it could also be my cpu heating up, which I've seen as high as 85C It's an Intel Core 2 Duo E6600. The Hard drives aren't very old either. i believe the Maxtor is the oldest at around 2 years old. I've completely cleaned my case out so it's not due to a huge deposit of dust. I guess my question is, are these temps too hot? And if they are can anybody recommend a solution. Never really dealt with hard drive coolers.
  3. CompX

    Trouble staying on

    Thanks for the input. Nothing is generating too much heat. I'm gonna try to power it on with some disk drives. How would you send the signal to start the PSU though, since the power switch runs through a mobo. Or do you mean just another mobo?
  4. CompX

    Trouble staying on

    Don't buy no name brands like me and you shouldn't have a problem
  5. CompX

    Trouble staying on

    It wasn't the Apevia that failed. I can't even remember what the brand name on it was. The Apevia is the new one.
  6. CompX

    Trouble staying on

    Anyway to test and see which one it is before I either send something that is good back, or buy a mobo I don't need.
  7. A few days ago my computer started turning off after 5-10mins of being on. About the 5th time a bunch of sparks shot out of my power supply, so I figured it was shot. I ordered a new power supply and put it in yesterday. The computer stayed on from about 11 in the morning until today around 2pm. Then it did it again. It wont even load up the first windows screen now. Any ideas? System Specs 2GB Mushkin Redline Ram 500w apexia PS E2260 Intel core 2 duo Gigabyte GA-X48-DQ6 Mobo Gigabyte 9 Series GFX Card 2 120gig WD Hd's
  8. CompX

    Image rollover problem

    Here is the Javascript up top for the page. <script type="text/javascript"> <!-- function roll1(img_name, img_src) { document[img_name].src = img_src; } function roll2(img_name, img_src) { document[img_name].src = img_src; } function roll3(img_name, img_src) { document[img_name].src = img_src; } function roll4(img_name, img_src) { document[img_name].src = img_src; } function roll5(img_name, img_src) { document[img_name].src = img_src; } function roll6(img_name, img_src) { document[img_name].src = img_src; } function roll7(img_name, img_src) { document[img_name].src = img_src; } function roll8(img_name, img_src) { document[img_name].src = img_src; } //--> </script> And here is the html for the code. <div id="topbar"><div align="cener"> <a href="index.html" > <img id="logo" src="design/AITlogo.jpg" border ="0"/></a> <div id="home"> <!--[if IE]><a href="mailto:[email protected]"><![endif]--><img id="topmid" src="design/AITtitle.jpg" border="0"/></a> <a href="index.html" onmouseover="roll1('sub_but1', 'design/AIT_home.jpg')" onmouseout="roll1('sub_but1', 'design/AIThome.jpg')"> <img src="design/AIThome.jpg" border="0" alt="Move your mouse over me" name="sub_but1" /> </a> </div> <div id="exotic"> <a href="exotic.html" onmouseover="roll2('sub_but2', 'design/AIT_exotic.jpg')" onmouseout="roll2('sub_but2', 'design/AITexotic.jpg')"> <img src="design/AITexotic.jpg" border="0" alt="Move your mouse over me" name="sub_but2" /> </a> </div> <div id="soldering"> <a href="solder.html" onmouseover="roll3('sub_but3', 'design/AIT_soldering.jpg')" onmouseout="roll3('sub_but3', 'design/AITsoldering.jpg')"> <img src="design/AITsoldering.jpg" border="0" alt="Move your mouse over me" name="sub_but3" /> </a> </div> <div id="welding"> <a href="electrodes.html" onmouseover="roll4('sub_but4', 'design/AIT_welding.jpg')" onmouseout="roll4('sub_but4', 'design/AITwelding.jpg')"> <img src="design/AITwelding.jpg" border="0" alt="Move your mouse over me" name="sub_but4" /> </a> </div> <div id="production"> <a href="machining.html" onmouseover="roll5('sub_but5', 'design/AIT_production.jpg')" onmouseout="roll5('sub_but5', 'design/AITproduction.jpg')"> <img src="design/AITproduction.jpg" border="0" alt="Move your mouse over me" name="sub_but5" /> </a> </div> <div id="precision"> <a href="edm.html" onmouseover="roll6('sub_but6', 'design/AIT_precision.jpg')" onmouseout="roll6('sub_but6', 'design/AITprecision.jpg')"> <img src="design/AITprecision.jpg"border="0" alt="Move your mouse over me" name="sub_but6" /> </a> </div> <div id="anodizing"> <a href="anodizing.html" onmouseover="roll7('sub_but7', 'design/AIT_anodizing.jpg')" onmouseout="roll7('sub_but7', 'design/AITanodizing.jpg')"> <img src="design/AITanodizing.jpg" border="0" alt="Move your mouse over me" name="sub_but7" /> </a> </div> <div id="resources"> <a href="resources.html" onmouseover="roll8('sub_but8', 'design/AIT_resources.jpg')" onmouseout="roll8('sub_but8', 'design/AITresources.jpg')"> <img src="design/AITresources.jpg" border="0" alt="Move your mouse over me" name="sub_but8" /> </a> </div>
  9. Hey guys. I'm wondering if anybody out there could help. I have an image rollover code used on every page of a site I'm working on. It's all Javascript of course, and it works perfect on every page except the main page. Here's the URL, http://www.a-i-t.com/test1/index.html. Like I said, it works fine on every other page, I just can't figure this out. Thanks in advance.
  10. CompX

    Iphone. Bug, Or Real Problem?

    Yeah. Doesn't work at all with music, games, or even for calls or messages. Everything just vibrates now
  11. This is the best place I could find to post this, but if you have to move it go ahead. I recently got an iPhone and it is freaking sweet. I'm on it right now actually. Anyways the other day the bottom speaker quit working on it. I can still hear while on the phone with somebody. People said it was from the audio jack bugging out and thinking the ear buds were still plugged in but I tried their solution but to no avail. Does anybody else have a clue? I'm totally lost right now. Thanks in advance.
  12. CompX

    Ie Rendering

    I am now about 100% out of ideas, www.a-i-t.com/Test/index.html is the address. All of the preview pictures on that first page look like total crap in Internet Explorer. All of these are images that were resized in photoshop. If somebody can take another look at this and even if you could try and take the picture that I'm starting with and make it look alright, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.
  13. CompX

    Ie Rendering

    I've gotten a few of the images taken care of by feathering them, but the ones above the navbar on the main page are both still choppy on ie, and they are also looking like they are glowing a little bit. I mean, they only think I did to them was feather the edges, and now they look like .. Click here
  14. CompX

    Ie Rendering

    Ok, so i have 2 images beside each other. One is being resized by the browser, and the other is manually resized and just linked to. Both of them look good in Firefox, and like total crap in IE. Is it just something about IE? Or is it virtually impossible to successfully resize these images to a size/format that IE likes. I think we should start the petition to banish IE from all computers, it's crap.
  15. CompX

    Ie Rendering

    I have tried both of the browsers by having them scale it, and having it resized to 100x130 myself. Another page has a set of pics that i resized to 100x130 manually and it's doing the same thing.