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chipset fan and cpu fans shut off!!

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hi there guys, im glad i found these forums.

as it happens, im having a few problems with my new rig


im using an antec PSU 400W, nf4-D mobo, athlon 64 3000, radeon x800 pro.


occasionally, i get BSOD crashes, sometimes comp just restars spontaneously. after keeping my case open by chance one time, i notice my chipset fan and cpu fans on the mobo werent running!.. 30 to 60 seconds after boot up, the chipset and cpu fans just power down for some inexplicable reason. im guessing that this is the cause of the instabilty im experiencing.


id appreciate any help with this , since im wondering whether my board is defective and i need to rma this.


i havent overclocked anything and i havent fiddled with any bios flashing or anything.

i thought that would come later, but i cant get my system stable!!! :(

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