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  1. sorry, I need to update my sig.......I have a 17in. lcd now...
  2. Right now I am using a crappy thermatake silent boost and have oc'ed my CPU to 2.5 ghz I am looking to get at least 2.6 and thought a decent hsf would help I have read a bunch of reviews but I can't decide between the Thermaltake Big Typhoon or the Thermalright Si-128 I plan on installing it on my DFi ultra-D but I also want to use this hsf on a future build as well (either C2D or K8L) so ease of installation is also very important to me. So, which HSF do you guys thing would be best for me? The only reason I am trying to avoid the infinity is because its size might not allow me to use it on future motherboards I purchase. thanks!! *If I get the SI-128, I will use an Antec tricool fan on the highest setting that I already have, thanks again!!
  3. that got the biggest LOL outta me in a while :) thanks happy games
  4. so only the typhoon is guranteed? correct? and it seems as if angry/happy games was wrong!!!!:eek: :eek: rebates do NOT apply....
  5. so if I buy a open box thermaltake big typhoon, it should come with everything that normally comes with it?
  6. So if you use longer screws and keep the original ultra-d backplate, I assume motherboard removal is not necessesary...am I correct?
  7. those results aren't too shabby :rolleyes:
  8. I know I wont be able to run 1T, I am fine with 2T. another 2x512 kit costs $100, while a 2x1GB costs $200......With DDR on its way out, I dont want to spend $200 on a whole new set of DDR...
  9. Anandtech is doing a multi-part review of this board Part one is here: http://anandtech.com/mb/showdoc.aspx?i=2810 part 2 and 3, where it will be compared to other boards, will be coming shortly...
  10. I was going to order the NEC drive until I noticed this samsung: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16827151118 -same price -more software -DVD-RAM compatability -A few higher read/write speeds.... as long as there is nothing wrong with the samsung, it seems like a better deal over the nec
  11. as far as I know, they are two completely different types of chips...
  12. If I find another set of 2x512 that are stable at the same settings as the ones I currently have (not the ones in my sig), what are the odds that they will work in a 4x512 setup at 2T? probable, 50/50 , or "you'll be one lucky SoB if it works"
  13. I heard that over time zerex....."builds up" idk....I need to do a bit more research
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