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  1. Was always a first person shooter kinda old dude but my son got me hooked on World of Warcraft recently. Dell laptop with CoreDuo & 7900GS driving a Westinghouse 42" monitor... priceless -pickles
  2. Looks great to me, that logo is a keeper. -pickles
  3. Is it me or is this new socket 939 retention mechanism the most braindead thing you've ever seen/used? Not only is it a major PITA to mount but the heatsink doesn't seem to be tight, it easily swivels when "locked" down. Temps are fine but my overall impression of the retention mechanism is that it sucks. -pickles
  4. Anyone know off the top of their head if the Danger Den NV-78 GPU water block will work on the 7900GTO? -pickles
  5. Don't pay retail for a G7... First Amazon and then Buy just had them for like $20 - $30 after rebate. Keep your eyes peeled on your favorite Hot Deals forum. -pickles
  6. I think it's showing up as a GT because the driver you're using is old... if I remember right the newer driver that comes with the card identifies it as 7900 GT/GTO or something similar. -pickles
  7. An unrelated question but regarding USB on that board. Does the power to the USB ports go off when the computer is shut down or are they still "hot"? -pickles
  8. Just checked my box when I read your post and it is marked 7900GTX on the sides. On the top of the box all they did was put a GTO sticker over top of the GTX printed there. Instant cheap packaging heh. Overclocked higher on core and mem than a stock GTX so I'm a happy camper and going to order another. Damn the editor in this Heavy Metal scheme is borked... -pickles
  9. I do but I use an OnAir GT from http://www.autumnwave.com/. Never used a box from the cable company so I only get the unecrypted QAM channels from Comcast. -pickles
  10. I snagged a GTO from ZZF for an air cooled HTPC box. Will be here Tuesday, we'll see how it plays with a 42" 1080p monitor... -pickles
  11. I'm using the same AquaXtreme MP-05 SP LE on my E6600/P5W DH that I was using in an Opty 170/UltraD box. -pickles
  12. I did the same thing already and fixed it by taking a little crack pipe lighting torch thingie from 7-11 and burned the paint off the spot and then touchied the spot while still red hot with rosin core solder and it fixed it fine. A little spray paint and it was like new. -pickles
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