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Some things that helped me.

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I have

DFI LanParty UT Sli-D

AMD 3500+ New Castle

Corsair xms4000 TWINX1024-3200C2PRO

2- sticks 512mb 2-3-3-7 T1 2.6V

2 GeForce 6800 PCIE

500 Watt True Power

Thermalright XP90

Latest Bios

Currently Windows XP Pro


First I was haveing memory problems but latest bios worked great auto detected them first then I adjusted for stability. I was having problems on cold boots. By completly shutting down (monitor) that solved them. No more boot problems. For windows xp i installed buring software (Alchol 120 Nero) before updates to SP1 and SP2 that solved windows and virtual drive problems I was having. Also installed in this order. XP, Burning software, lan drivers, xp updates, direct x, then nvidia n force drivers (install all drivers especially ide drivers) and sound drivers, I do not use the firewall from nvidia that's the only thing i did not install, then geforce vido card drivers, then AMD drivers and what ever other things you want. Everything running great now for 3 weeks. I found that I wasnt' installing the IDE drivers from Nvida that really helped in stability and speed as did the AMD drivers. Also when installing your video card drivers do not choose the monitoring option or you'll get green bars and lines on your screen, it's how sli is monitored.

I hope this helps someone out.

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