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Need help with choosing new mobo

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I have owned a gigabyte k8n ultra sli since i built my rig back in March. I am so disappointed with it's performance I am jumping ship and going with my original choice, which naturally is DFI. I know I am gonna spend at best $200 on a new board but I need some help as to which one I should get. I am looking for maximum oc ability as well as rock solid stability. I also need to know how well will all the rest of my isht will work with the new mobo as I bought all of my components to integrate seamlessly with the Gigabyte board.


A64 3500+ Winnie

gigabyte 6200 unlocked to 6600--8 pipes

1 gig (2x512) Corsair TwinX PC3200 (ProMos 5 rev. A) @ 2.5-3-3-6 1T

Antec TrueBlue 480

Thermaltake Venus 12 w/AS 5

Lite On DVD+-RW

Sony CDR

WD 80gb sata (window$)

WD 40gb eide (linux)

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the mobo depends on your future plans. if you are ever gonna think about sli, then go for the sli-dr, if not go for the ultra -d.


as for your proposed rig, it looks nice. i must tell you though, and it's just my opinion, i'm not crazy about that antec psu.


also, i've read mixed reviews about corsair memory and the dfi nf4 boards. you may or may not have luck with it.


there you have it.

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