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  1. i have been screwed over. this makes me angry. when i get angry, i say angry things. thats just me. i am trying to find out how and why i was screwed over and how it will be resolved. dfi is not answering the phone. today is/was saturday, but they didnt answer yesterday either. this is where you go with your issues with your dfi mainboards, i have an issue. very truly yours, politenessman
  2. my board was up and running. and then died slowly. i tried to get a working board, as that is what i thought i paid for. this is dfi's official site, according to dfi. dfi is not answering their telephones. that leaves this site. when i first had the problem, i came to this forum and asked for tech support. i got none. this is easy to check. most of these threads are people "whining" about their boards. hopefully dfi's company policy isnt the same as yours "go buy another board take a hike i dont like to hear unpleasant things" type deal. you dont like to see it, dont read it, ace. very truly yours, politenessman
  3. plethora of potential difficulties? just what the heck do you mean by that, darn it! very truly yours, politenessman
  4. epox 9npa sli. absolutely no doubt. dont even consider anything else. or any of that series. rock solid stable. and they dont have the err umm "issues" of err ummm aaa some other boards. very truly yours, politenessman
  5. i already replaced it with an epox. thats already $100 gone that is a benefit of having this board. to go dump another $130 or whatever on another one of these is just well never mind. the issue is i should not have to go thru the rma process again. i should have gotten a new or working board back. they kept it nearly 3 weeks, all they did was flash the bios, customer service told me on the phone (unfortunately not email) that i would get a new board when they were in stock, that is why i had to wait more than the "official" 3 day turn around (i do have this on email) but then sent me my still non working board back. and the non response from dfi is deafening. very truly yours, politenessman
  6. yes. to no avail. i have listed the things i have tried. i have listed the things i tried in my emails to tech support. that they would return this same board to me after keeping it 19 days for a bios flash absolutely boggles my mind. every component has been swapped. not just most, all. even the power cable, the monitor, the monitor cable, the battery, the case, the fans, the desk it sits on the room its in the cd windows was installed from, the drive windows was installed from and on and on. this is a non working board this is an ex motherboard this is a semi working rock it is in a coma on its way to motherboard heaven i have been using dfi boards for about 1 1/2 years, not a long time but i joined this forum 3/2004, i know there are issues, i know they are high maintenence, i understand that they are "enthusiast boards" but never the less, this board does not boot unless i clear the cmos. warm or cold. for some reason a guy above claims that the fact that these components worked in another nf4 board makes no difference. maybe not. but the fact that no components work in this board does make a difference. i could leave the battery out until the 32nd century, this board will not boot without clearing the cmos. i told tech support this in pretty much the same abc terms, yet they flashed the bios and sent it back to me. after sitting on it for 19 days. very truly yours, politenessman
  7. ok took it out of the case, same serial number. nice. also the same yellow abit jumper on the cmos jumper that i put there because it was easier to use. and still a very loud no response from dfi, according to their tech support this is their official forum. so now i guess i get to go thru the rma process again, another $20 for shipping, another 19 days of dfi sitting on my board, another 10 days ups ground shipping, out the $100 for the replacement board i have been using while my board took a summer vacation to california. but since the board is not completely dead i guess there will be a chance i could get it back again. nice of someone to take the time to edit my above post tho. very truly yours, politenessman
  8. dont worry about your box. at least you got back a working board. after 27 days they sent me back my original board, still broken. very truly yours, politenessman
  9. just got mine back from rma, in a nf2 ultra infinity box and an anti stat bag. not sure if it was damaged in transit. doesnt matter, because they sent me back the same mainboard, unfixed, after keeping it for 3 weeks. when i called to ask what happened to the 3 day turn around i was told they were "out of stock" . i guess they meant that they were out of stock of my broken board, and when they were back in stock of my broken board, they sent it. or they just lied about it. the board they sent me has the abit jumper i put on the cmos pins (easier to use) and also the "cmos reloaded" carries the same settings and the same description names that were on the board i sent to them, and when i take it back out of the case i would bet it has the same serial number. nice work, dfi customer service. oh yeah, still wont boot unless i clear cmos, just like before i sent it. very truly yours, politenessman
  10. congratulations. just hope you never have to rma it. very truly yours, politenessman
  11. ok, question answered. as i have to clear cmos to successfully boot my machine, i decided to load my settings into "cmos loaded" section of the bios which remembers different sets of bios settings which you can load with a hot key while booting. well much to my suprise, i found my old bios settings, the ones i had loaded into "cmos loaded" before i rma'd the board STILL THERE WITH MY ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION NAMES STILL ON THEM SO THEY KEPT MY ****** BOARD FOR 3 ****** WEEKS, DID NOTHING TO FIX IT PUT IT IN A FREAKING NF2 INFINITY BOX AND SENT IT BACK TO ME I GUESS SOMEHOW HOPING THAT THE ****** THING WOULD FIX ITS FREAKING SELF IN TRANSIT. THANKS TONS, DFI FOR YOUR FANTASTIC CUSTOMER SERVICE, AND THANKS TO YOUR REPS FOR LYING TO ME ON THE PHONE ABOUT "BOARDS NOT IN STOCK" WHILE SOMEONE OVER THERE SAT ON IT FOR WEEKS AND THEN SENT IT 10 DAY UPS GROUND BACK TO MY DUMASH SELF WHILE I WAITED HOPEFULLY FOR MY NEW OR AT LEAST WORKING BOARD. very truly yours, politenessman
  12. this is at stock. this happens with a 3200 win, 3500 win, 3500 venice and now a 3700 sandy. also; ocz pc3200 gold, pqi turbo tccd, ocz value vx, g.skill la, in all slots, single and dual channel. antec trucontrol 550, coolermaster 550, and now powerstream 600. ati 850xt and leadtek 6800gt. with optical drives and without. windows install to single raptor or raid0. windows install to single maxline 3 300g or raid 0. in case and out of case. in different rooms of my house using different outlets. with all usb disconnected. with usb keyboard/mouse or ps2 keyboard/mouse. with floppy/without floppy. with xp90 or with stock cooler. fan plugged into board, not plugged into board. all bios revision from 310 to 704. all nforce drivers available. connected to cable modem, disconnected. all cables swapped one thing remains the same. the mainboard. i would really like to think they did not send me back the same board, but i think i have covered it pretty well. edit it did not do this when i first bought it last march. it developed slowly to the point where it will not boot unless i clear cmos. which is the reason i rma'd it. which it is still doing. also, the revision number on the bottom pci slot has (AA0) has been crossed out with a pen and the letters AB0 with been written in. this makes me think that they replaced a component on the board (albeit the wrong component)and sent it back. very truly yours, politenessman
  13. can you take out the board so you can get a look at the floppy connector? maybe you have some bent pins. very truly yours, politenessman
  14. does it get worse if you stay on longer? could be heat issue with your vid card. is fan working? do you have drivers or any other software to monitor your vid card temps? very truly yours, politenessman
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