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  1. FS Cooler Master Seidon 120M AiO CPU cooler - $38 shipped ($30 off retail!!) heat - jlqrb
  2. Those are great speakers. The crossover really holds them back though. B&W is notorious for using cheap capacitors in thier mid-range lines. You should open them up and exchange the caps with something from Mundorf or Jantzen! Great deal on those though and nice job repairing them!
  3. Yes http://www.techspot.com/news/48462-judge-rules-ip-addresses-arent-enough-to-incriminate-pirates.html I would call back and mention this ruling and say you will take them to court because they are using your IP to incriminate you.
  4. FS NIB Sapphire HD 7870 - Pending heat - jlqrb
  5. What a jerk, she is just a teenager. Between the two I would say he is the one that needs disciplining. I hope social services looks into him
  6. I have to agree with Waco. I am a reviewer and during our testing I ran three HD 7950s in TriFire that were from three separate companies, Sapphire, XFX and PowerColor. I didn't have any issues, and the results were phenomenal. The only issue I ran into was some games didn't support CrossFire such as Batman AC or Skyrim, but that is a drivers issue.
  7. lol It all depends on your bank though. Mine doesn't process anything until around 4am PST
  8. I may have some parts if you don't mind buying slightly used hardware.
  9. I get ones from a black online dating service. Though I am married and a white guy. lol
  10. I have sold hundreds of things on Craigslist and while I have had some weird transactions and met some annoying people I have always walked away unharmed and with money. However, the thing that bothers me the most is that when I meet people about 1/3 of the time they try to low ball me on the spot thinking I will drop the price because we are face to face. I post in my adds now that all obo offers have to be prior to meeting or I will not sell the item Also, there was a Craigslist murder about an hour south of where I live a year ago. They were all caught and sentenced to over a hundred years in prison. Doesn't help the family though. http://www.columbian.com/news/2011/aug/29/4th-conviction-in-tacoma-in-craigslist-killing/
  11. Well, in that case I'll be changing my vote. Also, have fun !
  12. God no. I am not saying it doesn't look nice, because it does. But with the amount of walking you are going to be doing, I couldn't imagine a comfortable pair of shoes you could match with the dress. I was there last year and it is non stop walking from event to event. I would still bring it, but only wear it to a party after the days events have been covered.
  13. The Vengeance 1300 is a great headset IMO. I just needs a solid audio card to drive it properly. With generic on-board audio it is not going to sound as good.
  14. In my opionion Social Security is not about me, or my $10,000, $8,000 or more. It is about the fact that the poverty rate for the elderly substantially decreased since it went into affect. If you want to see just how much check here. The fact is it doesn't matter, Ron Paul, Barack Obama. For any President to even make a difference (without the few executive orders here and there) they need a Congress and Senate that backs their policies. Since the Republicans got elected last cycle, Obama has had a hard time getting anything passed through the Senate, and not a damn thing of his has gone though the Congress, except some budget bills. So, don't think electing Ron Paul would change anything. All he could do is veto bills if he doesn't like them, but if he doesn't have a libertarian Congress and Senate than everything he wants is gone the day he was signed in. Lol However, I agree with the gold standard. It keeps inflation in check and actually gives your currency something to back it up. It goes along with what others have been saying. In some ways he has good ideas, but in others he is just a lunatic. I also don't like Obama, but for me it is because he is not liberal enough. I am still waiting for another FDR to get rid of the horrible Ronald Regan aftertaste that is still our our mouths,
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