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KingMax SuperRam


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What I orderd.. or what I was hoping for was KingMax TinyBGA memory sticks. No clue if they would Overclock. What I got instead was KingMax SuperRam, using TSOP memory modules with no markings.


While trying to resolve the mess with the supplier, i decided,,, Why not. Poped all 4gb of it into my rig. And started to play.


At stock timings (by SPD) are 3-4-4-8. I'm running them now at 2.5-3-2-6 :) Not bad. Ocing wise. I get to windows at 250 @ 3-3-3-8, but fails all tests within seconds. Has anyone tried that Microsoft memory diagnostic tool? I'm wondering if it can pick up some errors that can't be seen in memtest (it passed).


Also I just switched my Venice 3200 for an X2 3800. So i have to start from scratch. The nice part, I just swaped the CPU. Booted into windows. Windows said it detected new hardware, asked to reboot. And ta ta... dual core support. I though I'd have to reinstall the OS.. :D Though I'll have to give the 64bit a go, as currently my 3d app is slowly reaching its limits with 2gb limit. :( to big of a project I guess, and its still not done :D


Also now I have a Venice 3200 that can do 2.8. Guess I might consider another system :D lol.. to much money. Thats going to someone that is goign to use it at stock speeds :(


Either way, time for a new adventure with X2 (hopefully pass X2 5000+)

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