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  1. I believe that its who buys the motherboards.. We all know that the DFI NF4 boards aren't the easiest boards to setup, even at stock. It needs some tweaks. So, get 100 noobs. They all read the reviews... So they get one. Then .. ohh its not working. The Monarch guys dont' know better so hey.. yeha its not working. Send it all back... Well a posibility. THough there is a chance that there was a bad set of boards...
  2. One thing i dont' recall is if the CPU supports 2GB modules.. hehe, i know that would be pushing. But at least I'd have room to upgrade . though i'm not alos shure if apple DDR would work on PC's something like this : http://www.dealtime.com/xPF-Peripheral_Enh...ML9216A_ML9217A But getting back to ... reality (dam i hate that) OCZ seems to be going higher and higher on the list...
  3. Missed that... anyways from Winnipeg. So fit is not an issue. Thats good. GeIL 2GB kit (3-4-4-8) $330 TigerDirect.ca OCZ Platinum 2gb kit (2-3-2-5) $348 NCIX.com $359 infonec.com $412 Tiger Direct.ca PQI 2gb kit (3-4-4-8) $279 pcvillagecanada.com (hopefully not typo) Now i'm not shure. The cheap price of PC village does bring some cheap 2gb modules that are actualy branded. And on the XtremeSystems 2gb database, it did not too bad. But the OCZ Platinums are getting more and more attention for their low latency, though GeIL still rings an intrest. Stupid decisions... Someone give me 4gb and take my money
  4. I to am in search of 2GB kits.. well want to get 4GB. I did use the search feature but no hits on GeIL 2GB kits. OVerall safe bet is the OCZ Platinum 2GB set. But I like to try somethign different. Thats why I have a DFI SLI-D and very happy with it I'm wondering if anyone had any experience with these sticks. Very cheap compared to other 2GB pair. Though only rated at cas 2.5. I'm also wondering if anyone knows if these sticks will fit under XP120 heatsink? They look a tad taller then other heatsinks. CND http://www.tigerdirect.ca/applications/Sea...6209&CatId=1833 US http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=20-144-322 Also what is the best Canadian Online reseller, not directly of the GeIL memory, but in general. NCIX.com TigerDriect.ca Would like to know more Monarch Computers is one of the few American resellers that ships to Canada. (Still sad that NewEgg doesn't )
  5. prodeous

    4x1G DDR510 Looking good

    Yeah. I use it for my computer animation. Some of my work allready reaches the 2gb limit. So 4gb and winxp64. So is that memory a lucky pick? Or could i expect something close to your results... I'm still in search of my own 4gb...
  6. prodeous

    4x1G DDR510 Looking good

    even with SP2004, you can go blend and specify manualy how much ram you want to use. This should work - Select cosutm - then Uncheck "Run FFT's in-place" checkbox, then specify the memory to use in MB. But it seems not to work Guess a glitch in the app?
  7. Running prime on two cores is kind of ... difficult. I hope you followed the top thread, on how to configure prime?
  8. prodeous

    Battlefield 2 and Overclocking

    I'm not shure if I'd call it bad coding.. The game requires so much horsepower, that its one of the "test" that can be run to really see how stable a system is. I think Windows XP is probably coded worse then BF2. Thats why bf2 will awlays be (untill bf3, or FarCry2,...) part of my stability testing. Remember when we overclock we take the system to its limits and then some, so dont' expect something to run perfectly even if other stability tests show your system is stable. Even after all my tests, i never consider my system stable. If i play for 10hrs+ and the system is still working, i'll consider it... good enough THough i can't remember the last time i played for 10hrs... To build a house you need more the one brick. Just like when you overclock, you should really do more then one test. Bf2 is just another of the bunch, except its far more enjoyable
  9. actualy i noticed that once i made another copy, and then ran two copies from different locations it solve dit. Tested ram, tested cpu, and no 10s errors. Just like with SuperPI. Guess you can't run one file twice, as they both share same folder, for temp files, causing errors. So just make two copies, and so far that solved it. Though I'm not shure if thats acurate. but its able to run any benchmark wich ease. Also how does one run SUperPi on seperate cores? I used that -A1 /-A0.. and each time its running one copy across both cores.
  10. You apperently still have to add that shortcut thing mentioned at the beggining. Then uncheck the "no affinity" box and select same core. I had the same problems after posting the info/link. and when i tested i had same problems.
  11. Well got to 2.7, and i still think there is room for improvment. Just took me a few minutes to figure out how to test it for stability. Gona prime overnight and see what it sais in the morning. Nearly identical settings to my Venice, Except I'm seeing double
  12. I dont' even feel the need to overclock.. Very smooth. (but ofcourse I will )
  13. prodeous

    Battlefield 2 and Overclocking

    I consider the BF2 as one of the best stability tests. Even if all other stability tests pass. this one will shure show you its teath if somethign is just slightly out. And its more fun Just make shure you play a local game, to stress your system even more by hosting server and bot AI. As for not liking OC'd CPU's Had my Venice 3200 running at 2.8 and played for a few hours without issues.. ITs more picky about stable systems. Wich is good.
  14. prodeous

    KingMax SuperRam

    What I orderd.. or what I was hoping for was KingMax TinyBGA memory sticks. No clue if they would Overclock. What I got instead was KingMax SuperRam, using TSOP memory modules with no markings. While trying to resolve the mess with the supplier, i decided,,, Why not. Poped all 4gb of it into my rig. And started to play. At stock timings (by SPD) are 3-4-4-8. I'm running them now at 2.5-3-2-6 Not bad. Ocing wise. I get to windows at 250 @ 3-3-3-8, but fails all tests within seconds. Has anyone tried that Microsoft memory diagnostic tool? I'm wondering if it can pick up some errors that can't be seen in memtest (it passed). Also I just switched my Venice 3200 for an X2 3800. So i have to start from scratch. The nice part, I just swaped the CPU. Booted into windows. Windows said it detected new hardware, asked to reboot. And ta ta... dual core support. I though I'd have to reinstall the OS.. Though I'll have to give the 64bit a go, as currently my 3d app is slowly reaching its limits with 2gb limit. to big of a project I guess, and its still not done Also now I have a Venice 3200 that can do 2.8. Guess I might consider another system lol.. to much money. Thats going to someone that is goign to use it at stock speeds Either way, time for a new adventure with X2 (hopefully pass X2 5000+)
  15. Another option is get SP2004, Stress Prime 2004. http://sp2004.fre3.com Basicaly its the Prime stress module by it self. And there you can simply specify wich core you want. Just uncheck the No Affinity box and there you go. A worth update to Prime Torture test. As basicaly its is just that. Just different shell. Easier to setup. Enjoy.