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I need some help passing prime at 2.8Ghz


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I am running my setup perfectly fine at 2.750 (250x11) vcore 1.5v x 1.1%. My current ram is mushkin redline 4000, I set it in the bios very tight. With tight settings ram runs fine at 260mhz.


I ran memtest at 255x11 no errors. Although it fails in prime.


This the funny part with one stick of memory I can run prime stable at 255x11(255 that the only speed I tested) or even more. Just by adding the other one it will fail prime at that speed. I used two different set of ram and dividers and the same thing happes. Single channel go, dual channel no go


I am probably missing something in bios to make it stable in dual channel

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please check the rules and the Important Info threads stuck to the top of the forum sub-sections you are reading/needing.


If you are looking for help, reading this is the most important first-step for you to take.


this helps us tremendously to help you solve your issue if we can see what is in your system every time you post:









Be as thorough as possible please. Voltages, timings, settings, bios version, etc.


The more information you give us about the problem, and the more details about your hardware in your sig = more help we can give you.



then make a post in the appropriate section with as much detail about the problem as you can.

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