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Floppy Drive Issue

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This may not be directly related to the DFI motherboard, but since I'm not sure of the issue, I thought it was worth it to post my problem here.


My floppy is unable to see any disks. When I try to open the drive it simply says 'please insert a disk into drive A:."


When I "format a:" in the prompt, I get the following messages


Insert new disk for drive A:

and press ENTER when ready... (I then press enter and the get the following)


Cannot open volume for direct access.


Anyone had an idea of what the problem is?

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The modstream power supply comes with 1 floppy driver power connector.


The board requires a floppy power connector too.


So if you did plug the floppy connector into the board, how are you powering the floppy drive?

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If the cable is the wrong way round then generally it wont work...is the floppy drive light on permanently? That's a sign that the cable is the wrong way round. Generally floppy drives have like an arrow or symbol on the back of the drive to indicate which is the 1's pin.

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