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Quick attemp on X2 4800+, would like to collect more data.

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As a noob with OC stuff, I’m not finding much info of results OCing a 4800+. So I would like to ask fellow OCers with DFI boards here to share info on their 4800+ purely for compare & trying to improve tweaking my system as seen in here:



I know that every system is all difference even having the same parts, but I want to know in general ball park figure where I’m at.


This is my quick attempt OC a 4800+ on a DFI SLI-DR :nod: & my concern right now is the vCore. Does 1.66V vCore seem too much!?

And also I will let Prime95 going more.


Again please share your 4800+ info & of course and advice & comments would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance for your time & helps.



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