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  1. As for Vapochill LS, 1/ Most likely, you can apply 1.65Vcore with no problem & very good chance to get the FX57 to 3.3. Most of FX57 will hit 3.2 to 3.4 on Vapochill. 2/ About temp, when your FX57 idle, it would stay @ -35C to -20C (depend), the VapoChill LS will shows -50C to -45C, but this is the vapo head sensor temp, NOT your true core temp on the CPU where the heat generating. But when you stress your CPU (Prime95, etc..) expect temp go up to -7C to 5C. 3/ There is no variable compressor speed on the Vapochill LS, so it just run %100 all time, therefore, you cannot adjust the vapo head temp output. A few adjustments can be controlled such as: start temp, shutdown temp, fan speeds. Hope that help.
  2. On SLI-DR top PCI-E slot should be the main. Make sure check nVidia properties to see 2 core temp: GPU1 & GPU2. Sometimes, it shows SLI enable, but if you only see 1 core temp (GPU) then it only run on 1 card (in your case is bottom card.) Just my 2 cents Regards.
  3. My bad, I thought you meant the DRAM HS. I see what you mean now: those silver color HS on MOSFET which is regulared voltage & others. That is an interesting issue. Not sure that anyone ever notice temperature on those HS when using difference DRAM. Somehow, TCCD draws more power than UTT on those chips ( but not on DRAM slot??) Not sure there! :confused: Anyway, in my experience, I got better OC results when H2O cooling the 3 HS on the MOSFET. Should get your air flow check in your case if you can. Regards,
  4. TCCD @2.8V should be cooler than UTT @ 3.4V. Are you sure your finger accurate?!! :shake: Don't you have a laser thermal reader? (joke) Of course, heat will affect OC. So put a fan on them. Regards
  5. Well, You can try to to tweak some option on DRAM Configuration Settings: DRAM Drive Strength DRAM Data Drive Strength Refresh Period etc... ( have fun :shake: ) Best to seach on overclock database for OCZ like yours to get a basic idea & also ask for ppl who have the same OCZ for info. Good luck.
  6. Using dual Prime (running 2x Prime, one on each core) will get your CPU useage to 100%. Search the forum to find out how to run dual Prime. OC the X2 guide is the same as A64, just test its stability with dual Prime & ect.. Hope that help.
  7. Sorry that not to burst your bubble, but getting 4800+ to 3.0GHz take a lot of vcore & adding a tremendous heat. So H2O might not be enough to cool it. I haven't not seen any H2O cooling get a 4800+ to 3.0GHz yet (all of them are on phase) Kudo to you if you can accomplish on H2O. Let us know how it goes. Regards
  8. Coolbit will OC both cards on the SLI. You probably need to uninstall the current driver. Download the lastest Nvidia driver & install (the new driver + coolbit) while both cards in PCI-E for SLI. Hope that help.
  9. robo, use a very soft toothbrush, dip in Isopropyl then gently brush the paste off. Make sure it's very dry b4 put it back in the socket. It works for me many time after took a CPU off Vapochill. Hope that help.
  10. qwerty69, Seem like you got the max out of your 4400+ (assume it on air, didn't see any H2O cooling). I don't think it's worth to remove the HS cap. Not that we doubt your skills, but when you want to upgrade next year or so (you know that you will :nod: ) at least you can sell it to re-coup some money back. Think about it. Besides, your is already stable 10hr prime. If you need to squeeze out more then thinking about a nice H2O or phase change cooling. Just my 2cents Regards.
  11. noahsark1126, Find a website sell Vapochill LS less than $800 for you. $755 for silver color & $791 for black color @ www.overcool.com. Just search on google & compare prices between vendors. Hope you get it & go extreme :shake:
  12. As watsonte said, phase change is easier to deal with, more stable, already manufacture made. There are only 2 brands for phase change: Promy and VapoChill. Keep in mind that Promy is out of bussiness so there is no direct supports. Check out vapochill forum (http://forum.vapochill.com) for used kit, if you want to get a new kit then search google; there are vendors sell it cheaper than FrozenCPU & CrazyPC. Dry ice & liquid NO2 are more like "self made" kit & you need to keep re-supplying ice & liquid NO2. This is mostly for benchers, not very suitable for long period use, gamming & others. Hope that help.
  13. Sorry to hear about Gooster's having problems. Don't know what to tell you if he's been following all the right steps. Do you know that he's still on 6-23 BIOS? Suggesting him to flash to 704, load optimal & check "CPU Thermal-throttling" in BIOS to make sure it's not accidentally set too low for his ambient temp. Anyone has other idea let him know too. Let us know. (we want him to enjoy the X2 on the LS, not to be bumped)
  14. Not notice any difference between x32 & x64 on overclocking, but like x64 ‘cause most of stuff runs faster even though it’s pain to get drivers & software (not available widely as x32) Just make sure you have nVdia driver for x64.
  15. Well, Depend on what cooling you use. Water, phase or NO2 can get you further. X2 should get 2.6-2.7 on H2O, more than that you need phase or NO2. Since you ask to collect data, here is mine: ADA4800AA6CD CCBWE 0524RPMW Hope that help.
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