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Need help,blank screen after o/c


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I can only get my htt to 210mhz, anything higher and when the pc boots up it will get to the Xp boot screen and then the screen will go blank and I get a message saying " no signal detected". I then have to power down, wait, then boot into the bios and roll it back. I had 77.72 drivers on for my gfx, then went back to 77.50, now back to 72.14. Atleast with this driver I can o/c a little higher but it then black's out when I run 3d'05 or '03.

I don't want to keep going back in the drivers to find a stable one, but I have a funny feeling the problem may lay in the gfx dept. Not to sure though.

Would flashing the bios help you think? I have never flashed the bios on this mobo before too and I'm not even sure what bios version I have now or even where to find out what version I have.

All your help will be greatly appreciated, coz all I wanna to is overclock.


Thanks. Opti. :sweat:

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