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  1. http://forums.overclockers.com.au/showthread.php?t=447962
  2. Muwahahahaha!! That's who's it was!! Is this the only one in known existance?
  3. Just wondering how common or rare this is. I recently picked one up from Ebay and its a real killer!
  4. Opps wrong way around, yeah it does. Eeven still very strange.
  5. Seems strange to be that as the last led is cpu detect...
  6. Man you must have jinxed me. I put another hhd in and loaded Windows onto it as I have long shutdown problems. I wanted to try another hdd to see if that was the problem but it wasn't. I connected up my original hdd's and bam! It gets stuck at the last led, even before the boot screen. I did all the usual and to no prevail. So what I did to get it going was actually remove the bios chip as well as everything else to clear the cmos, wait half hour then put it all back and now I'm up and running. Go figure!! What bios version do you have btw?
  7. Have you got any different ram to try? Try changing slots too, bios, sata ports everything.
  8. I see your cpu is overclocked, does it do this at stock speeds? I have a 146, a 175 and now a 146 agian and the first two did excactly that when they were overclocked, even when they were prime stable. I think it has something to do with the ICM, integrated memory controller, some opty's must just have fairly weak ones and react differently to overclocking. Whereas I had a 3500+ Venice that did 2850mhz, and it never happened on that cpu.
  9. I know the limits of my cpu and ram but never thought about the motherboard. What's a good benchie to use to find out the limits of the htt only? Thanks. Edit : Dunno why it was moved here, its my mobo I'm asking about not my cpu but hey, as long as someone can advise me.
  10. Positive, it does it with only Windows installed and NO drivers at all. Hoping its not my Raptor I just got.
  11. Well I'm on the other side of the world so winter ain't far away. Heat, well, my temps never go over 40c degrees, even at 1.58v. I think it is just a weak memory controller. I ain't happy with 2.6ghz. I went out today and got a Venice 3000+ to put in my pc, as the slow shut down problem has got me worried. Anyhow it made no difference, still takes ages to shut down, the only things left are the mobo and the hdd. I did have a spare new 80gb sata Seagate but it burnt to the ground last night when I plugged it in with a cheapo' yum cha power cable. The power plug actually welded itself onto the hdd. So I'm waiting for my other hdd to arrive to try with that. The hhd drive I'm using atm is a 74gb Raptor, brand new, I tested it and found no errors on it so yeah! I dunno at this point. But as far as the cpu goes...lemon.
  12. Get this, I moved the ram from orange to yellow and she boots into Windows even at 265mhz, 10x multi at 2650mhz cpu. Running OCCT now, dunno if thats good for x2's but I've got the vcore at 1.58v so far and its failed twice before early in the test at 1.54 and 1.55volts. Lets hope. If I can get to 2700mhz stable, I don't even know if thats a good o/c for this chip, I'm used to 3ghz plus from my other ones, I might be happy enough to put up with the slow shut downs and the odd freeze up. I dunno. Edit : Damn it!! not stable at 1.58v. I don't wanna go much higher.
  13. Jeez if that the sweet spot I'm selling it and going back to my old 146 that does 3.2ghz. Yeah as I have found out, a tad too weak for my liking, not a good intro to X2's hey. Something I just realised even my 146 had a little hard time overclocking together with ram. Must be something with Opterons. Edit : Wouldn't be a dud bios chip would it? :confused:
  14. Yeah I did that first before I found out these problems. I memtested it for 6 hours at 270mhz. Passed with flying colours. I don't know what else to check, Iv'e changed sata cables, hdd's, ram and more cables. The only thing I haven't swapped over is the mobo. I might go get a chaepo' all-in-one tomorrow and test it on that to make sure it's not the mobo.
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