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going 754 from socket A

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well my atlonXP system is showing its age, so im puting it to rest.

i cant afford socket939 but i want 64-bit, my summer job wont make me enough before school starts back, im carrying everything in my SIG over execpt for my PSU, and GPU.

here is what i haved planed:






total with shipping:


i have a $850.00 MAX budget, not a bit more BTW.


also my gramps think im BS'in him, can someone please explain to him why spending anymore money on SocketA is foolish?

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THX, angry, im going for those parts you recomended now.

what is the difference between newcastle and clawhammer?

is it kinda like the T-Bred and Barton, like the clawhammer just has more cache but is the same as newcastle?


well the new total is $787.46 :D





what size fan goes on the XP-90, recomendations?

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yep, newcaslte = 512k L2, Clawhammer = 1MB L2


not really much difference...if you are really wanting to overclock, I saw a mobile 3200/3400 clawhammer between the price of the 3400 NC and the 3700


but i always get retail cpu's with 3 year warranties ;)


i use Enermax adjustable 92mm fans (i always buy my heatsinks/fans from www.svc.com...the XP-90 is only $24.99 there)

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