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No Audio/Cold Boots/64 Tweaker/Probs=NF3

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As you can see,I'm having problems with all of the above. I received this mobo (DFI LP UT NF3 250) about 2 weeks ago,and have had these problems since I first set it up. The cold-boots I have learned to live with,and I guess will continue to live with until there is a bios patch/fix. The next problem is with the audio. I have never had any audio since day 1. I have installed Nvidia's driver, RealTek's driver,uninstalled both,let windows load its driver,all with the same result (no sound). Yes,I have checked all boxes for muting,and other things. The next problem is with A64 tweaker. It seems I have no way of adjusting anything,it just goes back to default. I've attached a screenshot for an example. Thanks in advance ;)


DFI NF3 250

hynix pc2700

550w. TTCI

9200 Ati

xp pro



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please check the rules and the Important Info threads stuck to the top of this section.


If you are looking for help, reading this is the most important first-step for you to take.


this helps us tremendously to help you solve your issue if we can see what is in your system every time you post:









Be as thorough as possible please. Voltages, timings, settings, bios version, etc.


The more information you give us about the problem, and the more details about your hardware in your sig = more help we can give you.

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